he turns into a giant and stomps hulk into the ground. Boomstick: And Just look at those crazy moves! Wiz: Also killing almost all of Kratos’ warriors. Boomstick: Are you serious? @justleader: To add to what you said. A bit dizzy, Kratos stands, just to see Hulk running savagely at him through the same holes he left when he struck with the walls. Boomstick: Also my favorite of his arsenal, the godly Blade of Olympus. This form boosts Hulk's physicality up to unimaginable heights, and provides him large pockets of gamma radiation that his body emits at every moment, making Hulk a monstrous and green lamp. Wiz: Well, originally, the Hulk was grey and a mutation that could only happen at night time, but he eventually turned green and transformed due to adrenaline... And anger. Boomstick: The Green Goliath went from a few impressive things here and there to just full-on unstoppable. When his anger grows, so will do his strength, speed, durability, destructive power and the radiation he emmits. Wiz: Anyway, Kratos defeated Zeus but didn’t kill him because his god sister, Athena, got in the way right when the Spartan landed the dead blow, killing her instead. : https://www.patreon.com/mightyraccoon1SUBSCRIBE! A mortal defeating a god. Seeing that, The Hulk instantly throws the boulder at nowhere and with a lot of force. But, I think the battle would depend a lot on what version of Hulk is used, (I don't think Kratos could beat any of the stronger versions) and what version of Kratos was used. The time passed, and using the hope the demigod left behind, the humans managed to reconstruct the civilization, forgetting the destruction and evolving as mankind. Boomstick: But all that pent-up rage from his childhood abuse had to go somewhere... hence his imaginary friend he called the Hulk. Wiz: Well, remember when Kratos opened Pandora's Box for the first time? Boomstick: Like his insane, INSANE, strength. The scientific coughs, having trouble to speak because of his new situation, driving his hands at Kratos’ and holding it, trying to get free. As the light appears, Kratos’ punch gets to Bruce, but it stops when it touches Bruce’s face. Anyway, Hulk's body is also a living conduit for gamma radiation, working like a gamma battery by creating and radiating gamma energy, and he can use this radiation to empower himself. Completely filled with anger, the Spartan went on a rampage, killing whatever that got in his way, and opening the Box of Pandora during his travel. An RPG or any shrapnel grenade does diddly squat to the Hulk. Boomstick: So, keep this in mind, if you meet a guy called Bruce, don’t even try to piss him, ‘cause when Bruce gets angry, oh boy, you wouldn't like him when he's angry. The demigod looks at Athena in that moment, and the same godly light that surrounded the now dark and bloody Blade of Olympus, engulfs Kratos completely as he begins to levitate, releasing a gigantic amount of energy as a large blue beam that went to the sky and dispersed around, and to the entire world. Then I’ll say it! And kratos beat him. Tony lifts an eyebrow, removing his hands from the capsule. If you can’t… Well, you pretty much won’t like what happens next…”. Bruce blinks in that moment, and when he does it, he sees Kratos above him, extending his hand quickly at him and grabbing his neck, raising Banner like it was just a feather, hanging him. Since Tony left, the place stood in silence for five minutes at least, until Bruce finally broke the tension with the frozen Kratos. Every God of War game follows a predictable pattern that it names the last difficulty after what Kratos is at the end of the game, or where he gets his powers from. Kratos slapped Darkseid with the blow that disabled Atlas. “Now, seriously, what do you want me to do with this guy? Boomstick: Yeah, the rage is… Hope? Imagine you fighting a baby. “So, what’s this? It can effortlessly wipe out almost any dumbass mook who stands in Kratos' way, with just a swipe or two, and it's even capable of slaying immortal beings like Zeus or other gods. Most of the game was PIS IMO... no way a demigod who didnt even knows he was demigod for most of his life... takes down an entire pantheon because he is mad. I think that the Cap’s enough for us.”. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Boomstick: And what simply began as a man trying to run from the military would soon become one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe, having joined to a lot of superhero teams, like the Defenders or the Fantastic Four, he even had a team full of Hulks! Boomstick: And when this happens, you'd better get out of this thing's way. Nick shrugs and gives the man an exhaustive look, analyzing him. Wiz: A state that Kratos achieves when he taps into his inner rage, using all of his godly power to greatly increase his strength, speed and resistance. Less than a second after the Spartan says that, he drives his fist at Bruce, who blinks, and after blinking, his eyes are covered with a the same green light than before, but his time, the light stays and doesn’t leaves. In a quick move, the demigod drops the Blade of Olympus after turning it, and grabs the edge of the sword with the palm of his hands, and without hesitation, he moves the blade towards his own stomach. Wiz: Long ago, back in the ancient Greece, two kids were born. With this, Hulk can throw away entire group of men and armies, push back explosions, destroy entire buildings, make the Earth for miles around to tremble, and if needed, Hulk can clap and use the shockwave to fly. His goal was completed, so there was nothing for him. Who will die? @Death From Above: in hulk vs loki took banner out of the hulk and he was pure rage. It's the sixth chapter of TheDoomGaze's Death Battles. “First of all, he’s not a super soldier.”. “That is why you should give me the power… Understand its true meaning and where it belongs. 1 Interlude 2 Kratos 3 Spawn 4 Death Battle 5 Results 6 Trivia (*Cues: Invader - Jim Johnston*) Wiz: Of all the warriors who have entered this arena, none can compete with these two titans of death. Kratos can create tornados and conjure up the rage of poseidon, which can whipe out an entire army with a single blast, he posseses zeus's lighting bolts, he can conjure up souls, and can steal any beings soul( except zeus). Your line of "people who go for hulk have never played god of war game" is ironic because it's quite obvious you haven't read WWH or any comic with Hulk in the present. Then, standing a few meters away from Bruce, Kratos roars, and starts running at the Doctor, who seemed really, really angered. Wiz: The Blades of Exile are also linked to a magic called Army of Sparta, which summons a phalanx of Spartan spirits to defend him, and also attacks nearby foes with spears and arrows. Wiz: After killing everyone in a village that didn’t worship for Ares, he evenly noticed that he accidentally killed his family in a blind fury, and the oracle of  placed a curse on him, that he should forever wear the white ashes of his deceased family on his skin until the end of time. You may be the last of them I think, so, it’s proper to call you a –Ghost of Sparta–, I guess?”. He has his arms crossed and he’s looking at the cryokinetic capsule, and he was showing confusion in his gaze, and a sarcastic smile. hulk disadvantage: kratos might be faster than hulk is, kratos is not easy to beat in a fight, and kratos got weapons while hulk just fight with his fist. The Hulk, he only needs to hit Kratos once. “It does not matter what YOU do here, what matters is why I am here!”. Narrator: Kratos had done the impossible. Hulk lolstomps. Said arrow flies at the Hulk, moving like a bullet towards the monster. Atlas destroys it in Chains of Olympus, and Kratos chains Atlas to the pillar up by the gap with the Gauntlet of Zeus. AkhilPDX 1 y 8 mo 20 d . He is strong enough to defeat powerful titans such as Atlas and Chronos, and even managed to stop the latter when he tried to crush on him. This state is normally limited by an amount of time, however, thanks to Zeus's Eagle, other of his relics, it can last forever. Seriously, there's just too much to list for this green guy, and while he is pretty incredible, he's not invincible. Boomstick: Mostly because Bruce was so smart, that his alcoholic pappy, a well-know physisist and researcher of atomic energy, thought he was a kind of monster. She was ready to get killed by her own brother again; however, what came next was something she really never expected. Kratos has his GOW 3 Weapons. With the blade out of his body, the blood spilling from the great wound was a higher amount, and the pain was higher too. Ares was no more. However, one day Ares said, "HEY! 70 metres from each othe Wiz: And he eventually took in his father Brian after his many years in a mental hospital... until he tried to murder his son in front of his mother's tomb, causing Bruce to accidentally kill him in self-defense. Wiz: And that means, that The Hulk needed more that being a monstruous entity. Captan America: Doctor Banner, now might be a good time for you to get angry. I delivered your revenge on Zeus!”. Boomstick: Then we have the fire-type ones, Efreet, a powerful fire spirit that Kratos can summon to attack enemies, and Charon’s Wrath, a mask that can be used to blast foes with ravenous flames. ?/18 Written by TheDoomGaze Directed by TheDoomGaze Episode guide Previous Next Sephiroth Vs. Vergil (Fanon Version) Goku Vs. Seiya Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Spartan looks at Ares, then moves his sword at him.

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