How To Prevent Smelly Hair Syndrome: Regular wash. In addition, it has the acidic property that aids the balancing of the pH level in the hair. There is no one cause of smelly hair syndrome. I dont know if anybody has experienced this in their child. This is another home product that can help cure stinky hair. Skin conditions occurring on the scalp can also lead to bad smelling hair. Apart from the above causes, below are more reasons that could lead to this problem: Apart from the scalp, there are also other places e.g. I’m Pooja Viraya, a Certified Nutrition Consultant, health fanatic, life juggler, lovable, and a working professional who is dedicated to bringing you quality information and advice to help you lead a healthier & happier lifestyle! It would be wiser to consult the doctor immediately when overactive oil glands on the scalp are discovered or when the SHS symptoms noticed. Mix one part baking soda in three parts water. Nourished Magazines explain that the healthy immune system regulates fungus in the body therefore when the immune system is debilitated, candida growth cannot be controlled. The parents themselves might only have 1 copy of the faulty gene. Coconut oil is a natural antifungal and antibiotic and is also nourishing to your hair and scalp. Some describe it as Some of these conditions may lead to the itchy scalp that may urge one to scratch it. Apply the solution in the hair and leave it there for few minutes. I think in those cases the smell is strong enough for others to notice though. It is described as a condition whereby an individual develops a smelly scalp even after washing his/her hair thrice in a day. It still smelt afterward, so i washed it again. It's also called "fish odour syndrome". Does it make you uptight or embarrassed? There are many causes. The smelly scalp is one of the conditions that can occur for a Tineacapitis patient. When talking about symptoms, we realized that this condition has one major symptom: a gruesome odor that emanates from the hair especially on the scalp or any other body part. (the list goes on!) These secondary symptoms made us wonder if a potential cause of Smelly Hair Syndrome could be seborrheic dermatitis (seb-o-REE-ik der-muh-TI-tis), because it causes an increase in oil production and flaky scalp residue. An Unpleasant odor from the hair and scalp can be caused by a situation called ‘Smelly Hair Syndrome‘. Armpit and groin area are ideal habitats for the growth of the microbial, which generate odorous substances and gasses. Below are the common causes you should be keen on: This is the main reason and it is due to microbial growth (bacteria, and/or fungus). Poor hygiene can also be among the common causes. Such kind of smell usually vary from one person to the other. Low amount of sebum secretion will provide some small ‘cracks’ on the scalp where the microorganism will thrive on. Use a gentle shampoo. Begin by diluting a little tea tree oil in water and then apply it on the hair, Leave it for about 25 minutes and the shampoo it, Add a few drops of tea tree oil to the shampoo and continue shampooing, Leave it to sit there for about 15 minutes and then rinse it out, Remember tomato is also likely to lighten it just like lemon juice. Production of extra oils and excess sweat (Excessive perspiration) is usually due to change in hormonal levels in the body leading to a hormonal imbalance as one of the major triggers. You can do this 1-2 times a week. Remedies for Smelly Hair Syndrome An unpleasant odor from the hair and scalp it can be caused by a condition called Smelly Hair Syndrome or Seborrheic Dermatitis. If you have a bacterial or fungal infection on your scalp, your hair and scalp will likely not smell very good. The hair especially in armpit and groin area can have very bad stink and can be very embarrassing just like scalp. They include hairspray, styling gels, oils and those products used to make hair thicker, keep it straight or change its color. The symptoms, though, are all too apparent. What causes SSS? The fungus that grows on oily scalps, it can haunt people of any age and is not related to poor hygiene. What are some of the symptoms one can expect? This condition can be experienced by many children depending on how the child is exposed to the causative factors. Some people also have a generally hairy body that can produce a bad odor. He does sweat a lot and is very active. Add ½ cup of cider vinegar to 2 cups of water and then mix in three drops of essential oils such as lavender among others. The immune system will unable to balance off good fungus and dangerous bacteria. And, finally, one unfortunate reader told us that "my hair is so smelly that sometimes flies buzz around my head." Trimethylaminuria (TMAU) is an uncommon condition that causes an unpleasant, fishy smell. What shampoo is good for a smelly scalp? To make lemon juice work more effectively, you can mix it with rosemary or lavender oil for smelly scalp and leave it on overnight. Got out, wrapped my hair in a towel, and went to look for some pajamas. Smelly Scalp (or Hair) Syndrome has one striking symptom: a nose flinching odor that emanates from strands and scalp. The common thread is natural hair care practices that result in a healthy scalp and thus healthy hair. The effect of the injections usually lasts for several months, after which time the treatment can be repeated if necessary. Anticholinergics are available as tablets or solutions that are applied to affected areas. According to, “Smelly hair syndrome or SHS is a condition where you develop a stinky scalp even after you wash your hair twice a day.” People with this condition may have overactive oil and sweat glands that secrete excess oil and … Read the full disclosure here. Go through this article to get all the answers you need. If your hormones are not working perfectly body odor or scalp odor can be a result. The specific issue goes by a variety of names, although the most common names are smelly scalp syndrome (SSS) and smelly hair syndrome (SHS). I would have it for months, and then it would be gone for some months. Rinse your hair with water and apply the baking soda paste on your damp hair. Leave it there for around six minutes and then rinse it off. The smell can also be transferable to towels, pillows or beddings in general. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair from environmental contamination. Toxins leaving your body through your scalp can cause an odor. During pregnancy, you can control and prevent smelly farts by avoiding food that tends to cause gas, drink plenty of water, and avoid eating too much at once. No votes so far! This condition can also be caused by the presence of microbial growth. This will lead to symptoms such as odor from your hair because yeast growth cannot be controlled. Generally, hair odor can embarrass you and can make you very anxious. Some compares the smell with wet dog, dirty socks, oily smell mixed with vomit or stinky diaper. Wear light clothing. Rinse your hair completely with water after this. For sure, it can be very uncomfortable. Considering all the stresses of pregnancy, it can be tempting to whip out a stick or two. This syndrome manifests itself in one symptom, which is a terrible odor emanating from your scalp. Other reasons for smell in armpit, groin, chin or body hair general include: Cutting it short in armpit, groin or chin can help limit this condition in these areas but remember that, there are some people who will still suffer it even after cutting their hair. He takes a bath every single day, after playtime and at night. Dr. Joel Schlessinger, MD, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon with a private practice in Omaha, NE, says “Smelly hair is a problem that occurs after (fungus) becomes present in the scalp.” There are several factors, which we are yet to talk about that can lead to this revolting condition. Home made Hair pack for Smelly Hair Syndrome: Apply this mixture on the scalp for 40 mins and wash with the below mixture: A combination of these remedies and tips can help you resist a smelly scalp! After applying it, it is among the products that make it smell good and clean. 1. Let’s cut to the chase: It all begins with a healthy scalp. The best dietary suggestion for smelly hair syndrome is to lower your intake of foods that are very pungent such as onions and garlic. but i have had no luck. It helps in making it shiny, restoring normal its pH and prevent frizzes hence ranked the best smelly hair treatment. Tineacapitis is usually treated with oral medicines that fall into the category of the antifungal medicines. Smelly hair syndrome. It smells like dirty hair. More often than not, it’s a hormonal imbalance that causes this problem. So I threw that shampoo away and washed it again with a different type. If your hair ends up smelling a few hours right after washing it, you are most probably suffering from smelly hair syndrome. I have seen a doctor about this and all she said was that it was due to my long hair. You can also squeeze it and apply the juice to the scalp. Read on to know a few simple and easy tips to treat smelly hair and leave a lingering fragrance. Do this twice a week. It could even be due to smelly hair syndrome. But it’s best to avoid this temptation as smoking during pregnancy dramatically increases the risk of … It is described as a condition whereby an individual develops a smelly scalp even after washing his/her hair thrice in a day. After I take a shower, my hair smells good for about an hour and then it smells like it hasn't been washed in a few days. Turmeric is a broad spectrum healing herb. This will then lead to bacterial infections. This remedy can be applied after the application of baking soda therapy. Wear cotton caps and headbands only, and wash them frequently, washing with a vinegar solution. Leave it there for two minutes and then rinse it off. Some people also may notice this smell right after bathing, it may begin with one scent and later changes to different odors. Onion, just like garlic, has sulfur which fights bacteria and fungi effectively. It has the ability to neutralize foul odors and limits illness. Smelly hair syndrome involves a malodor that your scalp and hair produce due to a variety of bacterial and fungal growth. Smelly hair scalp due to environmental factors can be managed through proper care and proper hygiene. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, wear a scarf or hat to protect your hair from environmental contamination. You could be suffering from what experts have dubbed Smelly Hair Syndrome (SHS) — a condition which can leave the sufferer both acutely embarrassed and at a loss for either the cause or the cure. Other home remedies that can also help get rid of stinky hair include: If the smelly hair condition still persists even after applying the above home remedies, it will brainer to see your dermatologist since there may be the need to seek the help of antibiotics and antifungals. The smelly hair syndrome isn’t that occasional ‘bad hair day’, it’s something that is difficult to explain. Smelly hair in children is the same smelly scalp syndrome, which we have already discussed. What Is Smelly Hair Syndrome? Solutions for Smelly Hair Syndrome. 5 Ultimate Steps to help your Body Heal itself without Medicines. Strong smelling urine pregnancy During pregnancy, there are different changes in a woman’s body. Massage coconut oil into your hair and scalp. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and use the above mixture for a final rinse. Be the first to rate this post. Tackle dandruff (if any). My son is 6 years old and for the past few weeks his hair has had a strange smell to it. Smelly hair in children is also called smelly scalp syndrome. Around 15-20 injections are given in the affected areas of the body, such as the armpits, hands, feet or face. Wash your hair every other day with tee tree to treat your scalp as the root of the problem then move to a citrus shampoo/conditioner that will leave your hair smelling nice for the first 24hrs until you wash your hair again. It could be that your hair is fine and its just your sense of smell that has become more acute owing to hormones. Bacteria are almost always present on your scalp, whether your scalp is oily or not. Just like other parts of the body, the scalp also has hair follicles that secrete sebum which help in lubricating the scalp but guess what? It is known to get rid of scalp acne and dandruff. I am unfortunately in a stage of having the smelliest scalp of all these episodes. sometimes there could be lower secretion of sebum leading to a ‘storm’ in the scalp. Smelly hair syndrome has been associated with hormonal imbalance in the body. To be clear here, this condition is majorly caused by bacteria being present on the scalp. Your hair, skin and scalp are all meant to be slightly acidic. Of course, the most obvious explanation is lazy hygiene. Thanks for your post. I know now you are asking yourself: What can you do to get rid of this malodor? I have a 6 year old son who has developed a smelly scalp. Do let me know your experiences in comments . Get a good brand and shampoo your hair. Poor hygiene which leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt, and body oil, Environmental factors i.e. Causes of Smelly Hair in Children. Smelly Hair Syndrome (SHS) occurs when you have overactive sweat and oil glands on your scalp. This post may contain affiliate links at no additional cost to you. Any unpleasant odor in your hair leaves you feeling embarrassed. My advice would be to take her to the GP to get it checked out. There could be many reasons like stress or hormonal imbalance behind smelly hair. You could be suffering from what experts have dubbed Smelly Hair Syndrome (SHS) — a condition which can leave the sufferer both acutely embarrassed … What causes smelly hair? There is a condition called smelly scalp syndrome but this need to be diagnosed by your GP so that the correct treatment can be prescribed. They also are more prone to retain odors or bacteria. This helps in treating smelly hair and scalp. Note that, besides the fact that washing it regularly may be a vital remedy, make sure not to wash off crucial oils by washing it several times. This is a thin, white discharge that feels wet. One general advice, good hygienic standards usually plays an important role in general body odor. For rinsing, dilute lemon juice with the right amount of water. A proper hygienic regime will always help you to get the answer to the question: why do I have smelly hair. Wearing hats, caps, and scarves over your head can also be contributing factors to this issue. Hyperhidrosis can develop at any age, although primary hyperhidrosis typically starts during childhood or soon after puberty. Didn't realise that the smell was my hair??? I had a shower tonight, as normal. Epic Self care Rituals to live a Healthy life Naturally, Remove Parasites Naturally – Cats and Dogs. After thoroughly washing your hair, apply the gel onto your hair and scalp. Infected patients are presumed to have excessive oil and sweat secretion that worsen the condition. Smelly Hair Syndrome (SHS) This is the main reason and it is due to microbial growth (bacteria, and/or fungus). Rinse your hair completely with water after this. Illustrated below are some effective home remedies that will work as effective treatment: This is a widely used remedy. exposure to smoky environment, Skin diseases on the scalp may be due to bacterial and fungal infections, Hair care products (if not properly applied), Mix a cup of baking soda in three cups of water, Wash your hair using water and then apply the baking soda mixture to it while it is damp, Leave the paste for five minutes and then wash it off, Dilute squeezed lemon juice in a cup of water. Shampoos that contain a lot of sulfur can help with a smelly scalp and hair. Put a cotton towel on the headrest in your car. Smelly hair syndrome or SHS is a condition where you develop a smelly scalp even after you wash your hair … The symptoms of smelly hair We discovered that Smelly Hair Syndrome manifests in one striking symptom: a horrific odor that emanates from the hair and scalp. Such microorganisms will then release odorous substances and gasses that cause the hair to smell. The sympathetic nervous system also acts like a thermostat. Shampoo it and then apply the mixture to your hair and scalp. Do this thrice in a week. Excess oil provides these bacteria with the nutrition they require to thrive on and proliferate. When washing it really, really scrub the shampoo into your scalp with your nails and massage for 2-3 minutes. Sometimes it's caused by faulty genes that a person inherits from their parents, but this isn't always the case. I have had it for a few years but it seems to come and go. Get a solution of baking soda and warm water. It is tricky to describe the odour, its not really really bad but there's definitely an odd pong to it! To apply this remedy, follow the procedures below: Lemon juice is just a wonderful for skin conditions as well as a smelly head. My hair gets smelly, FAST. These changes make some women very sensitive to certain smells and this condition is known as hypersomnia which can make a woman notice the ammonia smell that is naturally found in urine. According to, excess oil and sweat also attract odors and lock them up on the hair leading to bad smell. Various people have described it akin to “the stink of a dirty diaper”, “dirty, wet socks”, “a jacket that’s never gone to the cleaners” and the worst, “yesterday’s vomit”. Normal skin flora shift – naturally occurring bacteria and fungi on the body. This is despite lots of washing with different shampoos. Do a massage with it to the scalp and leave for five minute. I'm sorry that this post was not useful for you! He has dark thick hair … A balanced diet which consists of fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains will also strengthen your immune system. This causes the harmless bacteria that live in the scalp to proliferate and feed off the oil, which produces the odor. When one suffers a foul-smelling hair for a longer period, he/she may begin shying away from crowds and may avoid close contact with others to avoid shame. ‘’The microbes break down your scalp sebum, sweat or dead cells, into certain acids that cause an unpleasant foul smell’’, says Dr. Zeel. Just imagine how may feel after noticing a nauseating smell coming from your hair? This includes nicotine, cyanide, formaldehyde, tar and carbon monoxide. Nevertheless, numerous home remedies can be used to combat this embarrassing condition. Onion also promotes hair growth, helping you getting rid of baldness. Treat yourself to a hot oil hair treatment. Some products also have the potential to cause this problem. Infected patients are presumed to have excessive oil and sweat secretion that worsen the condition. Baking soda is one of the most widely used home remedies for smelly hair because it helps neutralize foul odors and reduces oiliness. OK this is a bit of a weird one but I'm hoping someone out there can shed some light on this for me! Seeing a … Note: Don’t use lemon juice on your hair for a long time, it will lighten it! Onion Juice. Your child has an odour from her hair/scalp despite frequent washing. Hello, Two possibilities are there for your children’s symptoms.First of all,stress or hormonal changes may lead to excess oil produced by the oil glands in your scalp. Do you know how to get rid of the objectionable or offensive odor? Environmental factors such climate (hot, humid, cold or dry), living conditions, water quality, sun exposure, air exposure and microbes in specific regions are among the pronounced causes. People having this condition have smell that varies between different individuals. Alternatively, you can rinse it using a solution of one-half tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water. I could smell something disgusting and kept sniffing the air like a Dog. If they become too alkaline or very acidic, you may end up with an odor. Some of the skin conditions on the scalp that can lead to odor and hair loss include: A weak immune system is the beginning of many-body disorders including odor on the scalp. The bad smell is not that obvious when the hair is just newly washed, but throughout the day the pungent smell increases. Some say … You should also be keen on the symptoms of skin conditions on the scalp, they too can lead to a smelly head. It has an antimicrobial property that can help it heal scalp infections. 4. We shave his head every couple weeks. Let it stay for 15 minutes and rinse off. If you are suffering from smelly hair, you have a variety of options. Wierdly though there is apparently something called Smelly Hair Syndrome which you can Google. It can be very unfortunate to an extent that your hair may be so smelly that sometimes flies may buzz over your head. It is applied to the following procedures: Tomato juice also has the potential to remove offensive odor. Here are some of the causes of  in children: Usually, it is a good idea to get this condition intervened by a doctor, who may prescribe smelly scalp treatment such antibacterial shampoos, creams, ointments, gels, conditioners and oral medications (tablets). In addition, some of these products can irritate the scalp skin leading diseases which can also lead to hair that smells indirectly. Well, we are about to unmask the effective ways of managing this condition. Other health issues or imbalances can cause your hair and scalp to have an odor. It still smells. If one doesn’t wash his/her hair regularly, there may be an accumulation of sweat, excessive oil (for those with excess oil secretion on the scalp), dirt, and bacteria and without any doubt, this will automatically lead a smelly head. In cases of overproduction of sebum on the scalp, these microorganisms will still thrive on the oily secretions. This can give off a distinct foul odor. Leave it … is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (source: Section 5),,,,,,,,, Smelly Scalp or Odor: Causes, Remedies and Treatments, Can Dry Scalp Cause Hair Loss: Remedies and Treatments, Dry Scalp Vs. Dandruff: Treatments, Shampoos & Remedies, Very Dry Scalp Treatments, Remedies & Best Shampoos, Nose Hair Waxing Best Kits, Risks and At Home, Ingrown Leg Hair: Infected, Removal Treatments, Smelly hair syndrome is the main reason for this problem, Poor personal hygiene is not the major cause of malodorous hair condition as many believe but it can make the condition more severe, The syndrome can occur in both adults and children, There are several causes of this syndrome, Psoriasis due bacterial and fungal infections. armpit, groin and chin (or generally facial hair) that can have a smell. My hair was only past my ears but i cut it but the smell is still there! The physiologic vaginal discharge during pregnancy is known as leukorrhea. It is a condition whereby a smell emanates from the scalp and hair. A healthy scalp has balanced oil production which deters itching and infection. Reducing the period to which your head is exposed to sun or covered can also avoid the occurrence of this problem. The story typically goes that their scalp smells bad and no matter what they do, they just can’t get rid of the smell. While you may feel like your odor slightly changes, it should not smell foul and it should not itch or cause pain. And gets oily. Some describe it as "... stinks like a diaper." Synthetic materials that are in constant contact with your head and hair do not allow them to breathe. If I don't take a shower in one day, my hair smells DISGUSTING. As we have mentioned already, the smell is mainly due to the presence of microbial especially bacterial and fungus activities in the affected places. The fungus that grows on oily scalps, it can bother people of any age. People with oily hair are more prone to this condition. Bacterial growth. Use cotton pillowcases. These products can trap dust, microbes and accumulate dead skin cells leading to bad hair odor. This is a natural hair clarifier that can also get rid of buildup substances that can contribute to smelly head and oiliness. Leukorrhea is caused by an increase in pregnancy hormones and blood flow to your reproductive organs. The smell may initiate after the hair is newly washed and then increases throughout the day. Rinse with water. Drink plenty of … It can be used internally to fight infection and purify the blood. When the skin on your scalp secretes too much oil and sweat, it can start to smell quickly. It enhances shine and smoothness as well as fighting scalp infections. According to, “It is usually the bacterial component that is most likely to be responsible for offensive smelling hair”. The smell originates from the scalp and hair and can affect men, women, and mostly children. According to the people who have commented on our blog, the olfactory character of the smell varies from person to person. I have tried many shampoos recomended online such as T-Gel, Tersaseptic, Hibiclense, Sulfur Soap, Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders, Tar shampoos etc. The odor may be so strong that co-workers or partners may easily notice it. I too have/am suffering from smelly hair syndrome.

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