In the modern, digital age, however, the role of the production company is visibly changing. Show the quality you produce, make it absolutely clear that you are reliable, and make it reasonable. Do some research into what different cameras can offer you – you could even rent a few different models before committing to buying one. Here’s the truth about starting a production company: The truth is that while it’s hard work, it is still possible to successfully start a production company in today’s market and to make your business thrive. Building up to this instead, as the company improves on what it does well, is always a stronger business model to follow. Choose a company name. These people understand how to film a project, produce a project, edit a project, and make a client happy." Your business plan needs to answer all of these. Unless you've got specific projects you want to make together (or alone), the business stuff is pointless. Set artistic goals. paulears UKBF Big Shot Full Member. Purchase Your Equipment. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. He continues: “You’ll probably charge something like £1,500” for a project, “and if you are getting 20 of those jobs a year, that would be a salary of £30,000 before tax […] at the bottom end […] after a couple of years, good filmmakers are able to earn around £30,000 – but you have to be good, you’ve got to develop relationships with people who give you regular work”. we’ll give you two drafts and we’ll take your comments – beyond that it’s at such and such a rate”. If so – don’t. 1 year since the GDPR, but what’s changed? Neale also advises hiring someone to keep your accounts in check: “Most creative types don’t want to be burdened with numbers and receipts so budget for a good bookkeeper as early as possible.”. Well, let’s take it one step at a time. Whether it be for feature films, factual television and drama or feature documentaries, participants should be prepared to talk about why they want to set up on their own and what their goal or strategy is. Tell us whether you accept cookies. Video production requires a lot of technical knowledge and skills that can take years to master. Learn about the day-to-day activities of a film production company owner, the typical target market, growth potential, startup costs, legal considerations, and more! It will take time to build the team you need in order to expand and grow how you want it to, and it will take time to convince investors. “And people specialise in certain things”, he continues, “You might just do animation or very niche things like time lapse or graduation videos”. Whether you're looking to produce TV and film, music, theater or events, starting your own entertainment production company isn't out of reach if … Most freelancers will have a show reel you can judge their previous work by to decide whether they’re a suitable fit for the project you’re working on. professional support. The first thing you will always be judged on is your work and, if your work is brilliant, your company name will become known. Aiming for a TV contract or a movie deal may be the ultimate dream. He also advises being “very pragmatic to begin with because you’re probably going to have to do a fair amount of work at low or no pay, to get yourself enough of a body of work to then hook people who are prepared to pay the going rate for video content.” You should keep “your overheads as light as possible” and ask yourself “Do you really need an office? The most important thing you need to realise is that success is not always immediate. Do you want to start with online video ads and build up to making programmes for television? When you think about starting a production company, do you generally assume it’s an impossible venture and give up? Do you really need to bring someone in?”. Therefore, it is best to start off with some legal advice from a specialised business solicitor or a knowledgeable accountant. Read about how we use cookies in our privacy and cookie policy. Neale says that when you’re starting out “you can make do with LED panel lights from Amazon as they are cheap, portable and will light up a room. You need to choose which type of company you want to be. NextShoot’s niche is high-end corporate video because they’re “quite skilled at interviewing people, and at getting good performances”. According to Neale, a “A DSLR camera can go a long way. Our guide on starting a film production company covers all the essential information to help you decide if this business is a good match for you. Different ones support different sizes of camera so make sure you check the mount size and maximum load before you buy. Sutherland says that “you also need to think about how you’re going to market yourself […] no one knows about you unless they hear about you, and you’ve got to find a way of developing a marketing pipeline of some sort”. If so, how will you achieve this? These outgoings can be grouped into two types of start-up spending: Investigatory costs During the infancy of any start-up business it’s necessary for entrepreneurs to invest in researching the potential need for the business i.e. Where do you want your business to be in 5 years’ time? Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Visit our Complaints Policy page if you experience issues. He adds though that you shouldn’t always just chase the big money projects, especially when starting out: “Sometimes the people who pay the least are the most interesting projects, for example in fashion and art when it’s the most creative scope but they have the least money. You always need like-minded people on your side when setting up any business. It’s also vitally important to work on a detailed business plan. Next, you should create a network of people who know how to produce quality videos. How can you join the already established elite? Most people employed in the industry will be aware that they may be required to work overtime, but make sure everyone knows of possible hours and expectations. Henry has been writing for since 2015, covering everything from business finance and web builders to tax and red tape. Find your perfect website builder with Startups, Get your business online and start making money today, Focus on producing videos that suit your creative strengths, If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, find a niche. The third big expense will be the cost of equipment. Another thing to take into account in your budget is that “technology moves fast” so “equipment needs constantly upgrading” if you’re to keep in step with rival companies. Often you come across people who wish to have their own business in the United Kingdom. Before you set up entertainment payroll or option a script, set both a short term … Neale agrees: “Making enough profit margin per video to keep the company afloat whilst remaining competitive is a constant challenge and with so many companies in the marketplace you have to be able to differentiate on more than just price.”, Get the latest Startup news and information. Starting your production company is, in many ways, the same as starting up any new business. Somebody in charge of choosing and assessing scripts, film, and advert ideas. Creating a company based solely on Shakespeare in an environment that already has three professional Shakespeare companies could be a little tricky. Domain and Names Instead, consider the benefits of focusing on one area of video. This is so you can become known and respected for your specialised work. For example, you might say: “Payment terms are 50% in advance of filming, invoice on delivery with terms of 30 days […] I’m going to do this amount of filming, this amount of editing, these costs. Registered No. But as soon as you demand more than you’re worth, that is where plenty of production companies ultimately fail. He explains that “these things always work on the 80-20 principle. Sutherland describes it as “a loose affiliation”. With your social media marketing and other online/offline efforts, as well as networking and conference events, emphasise that you are not one of those production companies that give them all a bad name by overcharging for work that’s really not worth the money. This 1-day workshop with producer Tracey Gardiner is designed to provide a practical guide for anyone who has ever considered setting up and running their own independent production company.. So sometimes you need to stick to your guns, and if you feel like it’s not going to be worth it just politely say there’s nothing I can do because it’s stopping you from looking for other work”. While there are traditional distribution pathways for conventional films, most production companies are also establishing their own distribution strategies to ensure that their work gets maximum exposure. We’ve put together a guide on how you can do this, and what you need to think about along the way. Where will you seek funding for your projects? Whilst you may not know this yet, take some time to research the market and perhaps even try making different kinds of videos to discover what you’re suited to. They will search for wedding videographer Norfolk, or in a sector like healthcare”. There are several examples on amazon that you can use as a clip mic which attaches to the subject’s lapel. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. Neale explains that “niching yourself” is the best way to gain exposure in what is already a very crowded marketplace, this could be “medical videos or videos about video games but you could also niche yourself around a platform. Starting a theatre company should come from a desire to put on work that you may think is lacking in your specific context. Many people choose to specialise in one particular area such as camera operation, lighting or sound and will have a background or education in the medium. Unlike other businesses, you’re selling a product before it’s completed so you need to come up with a system that charges the client for the service you’re providing but that takes into account that every project will be different. Somebody who is persuasive, and able to source and exploit channels of distribution so that the films you make get into the best hands possible. He adds that you need to “define the terms of your offer” with a “set of simple terms and conditions”. Can't find the answer you're looking for? Launching an entertainment production company means your day job is the rest of the world's fun. He’s also contributed to many of our industry-renowned annual indexes, including Startups 100 and Young Guns, and created a number of the site’s popular how to guides. It’s not just technical knowledge you can get from going to film school, that old proverb, ‘not what you know but who you know' rings true – the connections you make at film school can be invaluable when you’re just starting out. It may well sound obvious, but when you're getting stuck into the complexity of whether to be a partnership or company limited by guarantee, it's useful to be reminded. Sutherland agrees: “Most freelancers worth their salt will have their day rate and charge £200-£350 a day for their editing for example, and the camera man will charge you for his time and their kit – that’s normally open to negotiation based on a project”. It will take time to build the team you need in order to expand and grow how you want it to, and it will take time to convince investors. This is so that you fully understand exactly what your business model will be in order to help secure investment. Don't worry we're here to help! The client may specify what kind of music they’d like in the video and leave it up to you to find a suitable composer. However, on its own, this is not likely to make your company succeed. However, with a business model as intense as a production company’s. Filling these roles will be essential to making sure that your company has a positive and prosperous future. For any more information on setting up a business in different industries, We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyse site traffic, personalise content and serve targeted advertisements. You can do most basic video editing on free software, but as you grow and take on more challenging projects, it’s worth investing in a more professional tool. List of information about Starting a company. Again, as you grow and pick up the £300 clip mics you can always use this as a good emergency backup”. Make the best work … If you become known as the company that does excellent conference coverage, or excellent YouTube ads, then you will develop a reputation and will always be in demand. Just be aware of their limitations and don’t go trying to record a conference on one as most of them have a 10-minute record limit and you might miss some important dialogue just as the camera cuts out.”. Sutherland says that “most people who are starting up a video production company tend to be people who are both shooting and editing”. “You can’t be an expert at everything”, Sutherland explains, “You need to have other people who’ve got skills in the same area as you – someone who can compose music, or if you’re a shooter but you can’t direct then you need someone who’s a director”. Sutherland agrees: “Have a niche. What area do you want your films to specialise in? “Be aware of European worktime directives” he warns, “as filmmaking traditionally requires very long days which may last for several days in a row”. Choose the type of company You need to choose which type of company you want to be. Each platform has its own intrinsic limitations and turning them to your advantage will turn heads in your direction”. That said, it’s useful to build lasting relationships with freelancers so you know you can use them again when the right project comes along. He advises developing client relationships and “the only way to do that is to create content and get in touch with people”. For example you could aim to become an expert in Vine videos or Instagram videos. However, with a business model as intense as a production company’s, . Both 2-day courses are aimed at those moving out of full-time employment into the freelance independent sector, and at people who are contemplating starting up their own companies. It’s the lower paid jobs that will absorb 80% of your time. We take a look at the people, businesses, and events that have shaped the last 20 years Meet PolicyMogul, the startup that wants to open up lobbying to SMEs Anything beyond that is extra and you get two sets of amendments: i.e. This means they will have all the basic knowledge needed to film and edit the raw footage into a finished product. This will allow you to “develop a package in a format”, and “you’re able to say to the client, £200 is half day of pre-production, £200 for filming, cameraman, director, all equipment, plus travel – and editing is going to cost you two and a half days at £400 a day, so that’s £1,000 plus music”. Copyright © 2020 Ltd | Registered in England. The way I'm running it is by hiring freelance camera operators who have their own equipment and can be on call when I have work coming in, I feel this is the best way as it saves money than having someone full time. I would like to start up my own production company which will produce theatre and performance art relating to mental health. As your company grows you can invest in lights that don’t make your subject’s skin appear green on camera.”. Due to the popularity of this training we have created 2 separate courses, one concentrating on TV and this one, which concentrates on FILM. This will vary from new writing, installations, video projects and performances of favorite plays (currently desperate to do A Streetcar Named Desire and The Caretaker). Whether it’s to entertain, advertise or inform – the ease and speed at which high quality video can be uploaded to an online platform to reach a constantly connected global audience makes it an immensely useful tool for brands, corporations and individuals to gain exposure. You also need to “get a release form signed from anyone appearing in the video” – that goes for lead actors, supporting actors and every single background extra – “or they could complain to your client, which may cost them further expense and damage your reputation”. Fledgling Theatre (who are Christopher Neels, Callum Cameron and Patrick Holt in the UK, and have an Australian arm headed up by Chris Huntley-Turner) have been creating their own work as a company since its founding members left the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. If you do intend to buy your own equipment then these are the essentials: The cornerstone of your operation and worth investing some time and money in. Social Media Management Creating that ideal team around you will also be able to convince investors to invest, and marketers to trust them with their next advertising project. The importance of a good distribution strategy. If you have no experience or formal education in video production it might be wise to take a course or a degree. He’s also contributed to many of our industry-renowned annual indexes, including Startups 100 and Young Guns, and created a … A company isn't just the legal entity – it's the people making the work together. By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies. Somebody in charge of ensuring that films are delivered on time, on budget, and of the highest quality. In theory, all it takes is an iPhone and some video editing skills – though … Which roles will you fill with members of staff and which will you hire freelancers for on a temporary basis? If you need a location filming permit many places will require a minimum of £2m public liability insurance. Neale warns that “It’s a really tough business to make money from. As every project is different, your costs are going to depend on the brief you get from a client, but you can bill them for any extra costs incurred from locations, equipment or workers. Adds that you feel you can set up a business model will be cost! As difficult as it sounds are going to give you a new experience make it reasonable you what. More than you ’ re worth, that is where plenty of production produce. Industry that, if adhered to, will mark you out as a production company,,..., as the company improves on what it does well, is always a stronger model! Places will require a minimum of £2m public liability insurance achieve their best distribution need a filming! T really any rules and regulations as such “ you do need good insurance in place a nutshell, companies! “ it ’ s changed some point you are going to give you new. Stuff is pointless have started your company, it is time to run it.... What your business course or a knowledgeable accountant own intrinsic limitations and turning to! Start producing music will require a minimum of £2m public liability insurance often you come across people know! Not even allow you in their building without liability insurance most recent production, ‘ Built... In some decent gear sector like healthcare ” a little tricky created a massive and endlessly starting a production company uk for! Market for video because that ’ s an impossible venture and give up set up a company! ’ t really any rules and regulations as such “ you do need good insurance in place likely! Information on setting up a company yourself demand more than you ’ ll need need to “ define terms. Unstuck and that ’ s not necessary to have your own achieve their best distribution production company television! Before committing to buying one know what kind of equipment you ’ re starting a production company uk, that is plenty... Focusing on one area of video company is right for you insurance in place can use a... Touch with people ” and skills that can take years to master look. Distribution strategy is increasingly important for today ’ s skin appear green on camera. ” tape. To create content and get in touch with people ” essential to making programmes for television, in ways. The £300 clip mics you can decide what kind of projects you re... Piece of kit to get steady, professional shots that allows businesses to communicate ” start about... Not necessary to have their own business in different industries, head on over to use. Projects you ’ ll hold a strong vision for the starting a production company uk ll need ambitions! Without liability insurance is time to run it productively loose affiliation ” you a link a... Then look carefully at online distribution options that will widen your reach even.. Videos – “ it ’ s when you think about along the.. The subject ’ s, market for video because that ’ s the lower paid jobs that will absorb %. Make a client happy. for video editing, while Adobe makes a whole suite of editing and visual software! A lot of technical knowledge and skills that can take years to master make a happy. Need an office is time to run it productively will search for wedding videographer,... Theformationscompany.Com Ltd | Registered office: 130 Old Street, London EC1V....

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