This video can be found on my YouTube channel at Positive User Reviews. Start by measuring 18" on your first 2x4, make a mark and cut on your miter saw. Any questions, feel free to ask! Cut notches on each end, on opposite faces. Here are plans for a workshop stool you can make, inspired by that 'simpler is better' concept. Build your own wood step stool with our free plans. So here are the plans and cutlist. Mobile Friendly. By Neal Barrett. Sturdy Utility Step Stool: Made From One 2×4. Bluprint - Woodworking Get 2x4 Step Stool Plans: Learn techniques & deepen your practice with classes from pros. This step stool is a fairly easy project. I sketched out a quick blueprint and a cut list which will be added at the end of this tutorial in case you're interested in making something like this. Thank you for sharing. No CC Required. I should note that I also used wood glue but I do not have a picture of it...sorry. I would estimate this stool would sell for about $25 at a craft fair. I really like the technique you used to create the concave section of the seat! Position as shown then secure using glue and 1-1/4″ brad nails. Yes! If you would like to set up an online store, check out this week’s sponsor, Volusion for a free 14 day trial. It's very aggressive and gets the job done in a hurry but you really have to pay attention to how hard you press down because it will eat away at the wood very quickly. $37 reduced from $197‎ Get 2x4 Step Stool Plans: Get Free & Instant Access To Over 150 Highly Detailed Woodworking Project Plans.Detailed Images. Then I ripped everything like this: To get the radius in the seat I took a piece of scrap wood that was at least 18" long. To begin building this simple workshop stool, cut the pieces to length, then glue and screw the crosspieces to the legs. We've been needing seating around our kitchen island for some time now. Step-by step plans to make a step stool turned chair, with new 3D animation and master-level blueprints. I used Minwax JACOBEAN in the tutorial...Came out nice but I have to admit that it would go better in our house if it was black. By: Ana White. Since the bracing and the slats are thinner than the legs, I flushed the pieces out on the inside, so that it would give the outside a nice "indented" look. There are no screws or nails, and you don’t even have to tell buyers that it only cost you a couple bucks to make! I just sanded with 120 grit and that seemed to be good enough for me. Clamp these together and let dry at least an hour. Rip all the pieces to 1-1/2″ (38mm) square “rods”. Drill a 1″ (25mm) diameter finger hole to make carrying easier. Got tons of orders selling them for $20 each ($10 for students). We offer affordable host… if you didnt put any sealer like shellac or polyurethane you could go over it with ebony stain and it will look pretty black. Adirondack Stool or End Table. The cut list says to cut 4, so this may be a typo. I think it cost me around $7.50. I found the center, 9", and made a mark. If you are staining you should use wood conditioner first...Wood conditioner will help get rid of the splotchy areas you will notice when staining soft woods. 100% Safe & Secure Access. Then cut 2 lengths at 26 1/2" This will be your legs With the dado stack set back to 0º, cut a notch in the middle of the bottom boards for the cross support brace. I also put a dab of glue on the ends of all of bracing and slats before I screwed everything together. 2 and 1/2 to be exact. It's a table, it's a step, it's a stool, it's Super Stool - for under $6So we needed another stool because we always need it when the other is using it. Free Instant Download Get 2x4 Step Stool Plans: Learn The Art Of Woodworking Using These Step-by-Step Woodworking Plans.Lifetime Updates. How to Build a $20 Flip-Over Bar Stool Step Ladder Using 2x4s. Tilt the table saw blade to 15º and cut bevels along one edge of two of the top boards. Wooden Squatty Potty . Free Download. If you were to do it again would you still pocket screw all the strips for the seat or did you think the wood glue is sufficient? Have any questions about the free plans to build a step stool? I agree to the following: Marketing permission: I give my consent to Jays Custom Creations LLC to be in touch with me via email using the information I have provided in this form for the purpose of news, updates, and marketing. This will be your seat. By: Ana White. The top brace pieces are the only ones that don't do this because they're 1-1/4" x 2-1/2". Cut the ends at 15º using a miter gauge. Wooden step stool Plans . Plans For This Part Of The Project: Step 1A: Marking Out The Back Of The Rustic Bar Stool ... (in above step) the ideal total width of the three 2x4's combined should be 10 1/2". This one was built using plywood and is a shaker style stool. 2×4’s always have slightly rounded over edges. Glue these into the ledges (rabbets) on the top edges of the sides. Step 2: Using two front/back supports and two leg boards make one front panel. Basic Bar Stools. Not a big deal for me as the wife wants me to paint it black now that I'm all done...hahaha. Then cut the middle board to fit the space between. Highlights: Complete Materials List Available, Easy To Follow Plans. Made with strong, half-lap joints. Solid wood design is easy to stain or paint and will last and last (ours is still going half a decade later). See more woodworking plans here. Selling things you make is a great way to earn some extra income, or even a substantial income. Build a simple, single step so the little ones can brush their teeth or a great folding step stool that fits in your kitchen closet. Great project, using it as a beginner project for my shop class. I did not use any wood conditioner and I ended up with one splotchy area. Wood Storage Stools . I've looked around at various furniture stores and online and the cheapest thing I could find that would suit our needs was around 100 dollars so I decided to see if I could make something in the garage. Hey there Remodelaholics, Scott here from Saws on Skates. How to make the step stool. I noticed in step 2 you wrote, "Then cut 2 lengths at 26 1/2" This will be your legs". This post contains affiliate links. Excellent and clear wording of your instructable. Start by measuring 18" on your first 2x4, make a mark and cut on your miter saw. Oct 12, 2007 Chad Hunt. I made two marks, one at 0" and one at 18". Step Two. 100% Safe & Secure Access. You can get the printable plans for the step stool by clicking the link below. These will be a lot more manageable and easier to rip to width. Maybe more depending on the fair and how you modify the stool. By: fixthisbuildthat. Here is a quick video showing how to build the step stool. I value your privacy and will protect it. Basically I put a slight bow in the saw.....It's hard to explain....if you are still confused, the video I have a link to at the end on the Instructable will give you a better idea.

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