The placenta facilitates the transfer of nutrients from maternal blood to foetus. If fertilisation takes place, the level of progesterone increases and thus inhibits FSH from stimulating the maturation of another Graafian follicle. MBEYA DISTRICT FORM THREE JOINT ANNUAL EXAMINATION, FORM ONE ENGLISH STUDY NOTES ALL TOPICS (TOPIC 1-16), PAST PAPERS FOR MOCK EXAMINATION TANZANIA (TAMONGSCO, TAHOSA ETC.). The term interphase is used to describe the state of the nucleus when the cell is just about to divide. There are two types of fertilisation. This hormone makes the mature Graafian follicle to release the ovum into the funnel of oviduct, a process called ovulation. BNAT; Classes. Each carpel consists of an ovary, a style and a stigma. Other organisms, which reproduce by sporulation, are ferns and mosses. This is called protandry e.g. People go for family planning or control for a number of reasons. Fertilisation is preceded by copulation in which the erect penis is inserted into the vagina. TAGS; BIOLOGY; Facebook. The cells in each organism contains a specific number of chromosomes. The head of the sperm penetrates the egg after the acrosome_ releases lytic enzymes to dissolve the egg membrane. Useful microorganisms 3. Other cell groups initiate the placenta and umbilical cord, which will bring in nutrients and eliminate waste. E.g. These methods include: Female condoms are equivalent to male condoms in that: The Importance of Male Involvement in Family Planning, Outline the importance of male involvement in family planning. Form 3 Biology video questions and answers on reproduction in plants. The Study of Biology; Scientific Investigation; 02 Cell Structure. The nucleolus and nuclear membrane disintegrate and disappear. Chromatids cross-over at the chiasmata exchanging chromatid portions. Sexual Reproduction. Biology Notes Form 3 quantity. Asexual reproduction is the formation of offspring from a single parent. Variations which are desirable often show hybrid vigour. Is an intro-mittent organ which is inserted into the vagina during copulation. Give a reason why it is necessary for frogs to lay many eggs 0m 11s; 3. Biology Form Three-questions and Answers Biology Form Two Diagrams Biology Form Two Notes Pdf Biology Form Two Questions and Answers Biology Form Two Questions and Answers Pdf Biology Form2 Biology Form2 Textbook Biology Grade 10 Exam Papers Biology Hsc Pdf Biology Human Reproduction Video Biology Kcse 2017 Biology Kcse 2017 Paper 1 Biology Kcse Questions Biology Made Familiar Biology … Being in danger of contracting fatal venereal disease such as syphilis, HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea etc. The pollen tube enters the ovule through the micropyle. Introduction . It allows no movement of sperm out of the penis and also the urine. Next article BIOLOGY … Form 3 Science Chapter 4 Reproduction 2 1. Pressing the cover slip gives a thin squash, which is observed under the microscope. Join our whatsapp group for latest updates, Biology Paper 2 - 2020 MOKASA JOINT MOCKS EXAMINATION (QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS), Biology Paper 1 - 2020 MOKASA JOINT MOCKS EXAMINATION (QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS), Reception, Response and Co-ordination - Biology Form 4 Topical Revision Questions and Answers, Evolution - Biology Form 4 Topical Revision Questions and Answers, Growth and Development - Biology Form 3 Topical Revision Questions and Answers, Ovary fleshy, thin skinned juicy with many seeds, Outer layer fleshy, inner layer hard, endosing one or more seeds, Ovary wall thin, contains many seeds. The couple could be in same sex relationship – two, More than one ovum released into the reproductive track, One fertilized ovum splitting up into more than one embryo resulting to twins, Impotence is usually psychological disturbance. Recently Updated. You will have the content in your phone/computer to read anytime. Based on the SPM Form 5 Biology syllabus. Fusion is difficult if two individuals are isolated. Offspring may be unable to withstand changing environmental conditions. orange. Eggs are covered by slippery jelly-like substance which provides protection. Reproduction is an essential characteristic of all living organisms. The objective is to aid revision and provide notes. Types of Complications of the Reproductive Systems, Mention types of complications of the reproductive systems, Causes of Complications of the Reproductive System, Outline causes of complications of the reproductive system, Ways to Minimize the Occurrence of Complications and Disorders of the Reproductive System, Suggest ways to minimize the occurrence of complications and disorders of the reproductive system. Introduction. There are two types of reproduction: sexual and asexual Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of male and female gametes to form a zygote. This is due to the breakdown of the endometrium which occurs when the level of progesterone falls and the girl starts to menstruate. the villi and endometrium develop into an organ that is called the placenta. This is one of the important features ... Home BIOLOGY BIOLOGY FORM THREE - REPRODUCTION -1. Observe the fruits, classify them into succulent, dry-dehiscent or indehiscent. This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the development of food . Q.11. TOPIC 1: CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING THINGS, TOPIC 2: MOVEMENT Science Form 3 note GOOD LUCK Teacher zaidi@maher2010 CHAPTER 4: REPRODUCTION SEXUAL AND ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION 1. True fruits can be divided into fleshy or succulent fruits e.g. NCERT Solutions for Class 12-science Biology CBSE, 3 Human Reproduction. Respiration and Excretion Process 7. Asexual reproduction does not involve gametes. The Merits and Demerits of Sexual and Asexual Reproduction, Explain the merits and demerits of sexual and asexual reproduction. The three germ layers form endoderm, mesoderm and ectoderm. This can be an adaptive advantage in unstable or unpredictable environments. There are two types of reproduction: sexual and … Hydra in Relation to Higher Metazoan. Sexuality is the function of whole personality begins at birth and end at death it includes: Social Cultural Factors Influencing Sexual Behaviour in Different Age Groups of People, Mention social cultural factors influencing sexual behaviour in different age groups of people. After ovulation progesterone hormone is produced. This pollen tube grows through the style pushing its way between the cells. The primary oocyte is formed when oogonia are at the prophase-I of the meiotic division in the foetal ovary whereas secondary oocyte is formed … Mothers should breast-feed the child whenever possible, mother’s milk is better than any other food because of the following: Social-Cultural Factors which Affect Maternal and Child Care in the Family and Community, Mention social-cultural factors which affect material and child care in the family and community, Appropriate Ways of Providing Maternal and Child Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA, Suggest appropriate ways of providing maternal and child care for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). 1. PRIMARY SCHOOL LEAVING EXAMINATION (PSLE) RESULTS FOR 2020. The centromeres of the homologous pairs migrate towards the opposite poles where they are attracted. Process does not depend on external factors which may fail such as pollination. 0m 40s; 3. Others have fruits with hooks or spines that stick on animal fur or on clothes. There may be increased risk of blood clotting in some women, It is not recommended for older women or women who smoke, Short term side effects of the pill include nausea, weight gain, tissue swelling, fluid retention and minor headaches, Ability to cater for the needs of many children, Couples decide to practice child spacing so that they can cater for their needs, Some family planning methods help to prevent the transmission of HIV and sexually transmitted infections, Family planning reduces the need for unsafe abortion, Family planning reinforces people’s rights to determine the number and spacing of their children, Family planning helps to build the health of a mother, Family planning enables the couple to be able to handle the family by catering to the needs of family, Maintain general body cleanliness all the time, Wear lose-fitting dresses and low heeled shoes for comfort, Eat well balanced diet containing all types of food, Doing tiresome and manual work. Meiosis is the type of cell division, which occurs in the reproductive organs to produce sex cells known as gametes. Each chromosome is seen to consist of a pair of chromatids joined at a point called centromere. STUDY. The endometrium, sloughs off and menstruation occurs. Detach a frond from the plant and observe the under-side using a hand lens to see the raised brown patches - the sori. On the other side, the amnion fills with fluid and will surround the embryo as it develops. We charge 100/ only per subject. Cross-pollination is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther of one flower to the stigma of a different flower, of the same species. The pericarp and seed coat are waterproof. PAST PAPERS: MANYARA FORM FOUR REGION MOCK EXAMINATION, 2020. The mother cell has the diploid number of chromosomes. Be the first to comment! The stigma matures earlier and dries before the anthers release the pollen grains. It is very important that a couple gets only a number of children they can afford and care for. Spindle forms and are attached to the chromatids at the centromeres. Not scented as the flowers do not attract insects. Saved . Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of gametes. It is very important for a couple to space its family properly. Msomi Maktaba | Notes za O level na A level all subjects Physics chemistry biology mathematics literature civics general study geography angiculture history kiswahili commerce book keeping accounting computer economics form one form two form three form four form five and form five study notes Reproduction lessons form three Biology - acaproso. The following are the way of minimizing occurrence of complications and disorders of the reproductive system. A description of the calyx, corolla, androecium and gynoecium is made. It is the most effective method of preventing conception, The approximated rate of failure of this method is zero percent, The method is said to be natural and widely acceptable, It requires good knowledge and good record keeping, Irregularity of the menstrual period (cycle), The method is said to be 76-80% effective, It does not require fitting and regular checkups, The approximate failure is said to be 20-24%, Sperms released to a female tract a few day before ovulation may survive until ovulation, Irregularity of the ovulation may cause fluctuation of temperature, It does not require fitting and regular check ups, The method requires some degree of will power, It has a high failure rate in case fluid released from the penis just before ejaculation may contain viable sperms, Sperms may leak from penis before is withdrawal even without ejaculation, Condoms are said to be 85% to 93% reliable when used properly (handled with care), They may help prevention of sexually transmitted diseases such as fungal infection, Condoms can tear and leak. Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants Class 12 Notes offer students with a simple way to study or revise for the chapter since it is prepared by our panel of qualified teachers strictly according to the NCERT Syllabus. After menstruation, the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland starts secreting the follicle stimulating hormone (FS.H) which causes the Graafian follicle to develop in the ovary. Under a low power microscope the sporangia and stolons can be observed. Reproduction is the most essential for the continuation of a species. In the uterus the embryo develops villi which project into uterus for nourishment later the villi and endometrium develop into placenta. A short chain or mass of cells is formed. This video is unavailable. Chromosomes shorten and thicken hence become more visible. A few drops of hydrochloric acid and acetic-orcein stain are added. The bud separates from the parent cell, in yeast budding goes on so fast and the first bud starts to form another bud before the separation. This is the transfer of pollen grains from the anther to the stigma. Introduction. asexual-reproduction..> 2018-06-06 18:01: 129K: classfication-2-ques..> 2018-06-06 18:01: 102K: ecology-questions.pdf: 2018-06-06 18:01: 209K: growth-and-developme..> … Social cultural practices, which enhance family planning, include the natural methods of family planning, which are: It is said to be unrealistic for many to practice this method, Regularity of ovulation may cause fluctuation of temperature. It helps to restore the diploid chromosomal constitution in a species at fertilisation. There are many reasons why couples can’t produce children, some of them are: The Concept of Artificial Insemination and its Importance, Explain the concept of artificial insemination and its importance, Explain the causes of multiple pregnancies, Difference between Identical Twins and Fraternal Twins, Differentiate between identical twins and fraternal twins, Types of Disorders of Human Reproductive System, Mention types of disorders of human reproductive system, The Causes and Effects of the Reproductive System Disorders, Explain the causes and effects of the reproductive system disorders. It involves detailed observation of structure and functions of organisms. Are tubes which conduct the ova produced by the ovaries to the uterus. Download klb form 3 biology notes document. Identify the way by which each is adapted to dispersal by animals. The fusion of male gamete and female gamete to form a zygote is called fertilisation. Faster maturity can cause overcrowding and stiff competition. bean. Chromatids begin to separate at the centromere. Therefore meiosis reduces the chromosomes number into half means from 2n to n. The Significance of Meiosis in Relation to Reproduction, Explain the significance of meiosis in relation to reproduction. Flowers are classified either as complete or incomplete. Obtain different fruits - oranges, mangoes, maize, castor oil, bean pod, black jack . An unopened bud of Tradescantia is obtained. It brings about new gene combinations that lead to genetic variation in the offsprings. Is a tube that opens to the outside and it acts as the copulatory and birth canal through the vulva. crotalaria, hibiscus/Ipomea, Solanum, incunum. Observe the cut surface and draw and label the parts. Asexual Reproduction is a kind of reproduction where offspring's arise from a single parent. berries and drupes and dry fruits. Rhizopus is a saprophytic fungus which grows on various substrate such as bread, rotting fruits or other decaying organic matter. Download klb form 3 biology notes document. Factors influence sexual behavior in Children: Factors influence sexual behaviour in adolescents: Difference Between Responsible and Irresponsible Sexual Behaviour and Their Impact on Oneself Family and Community, Differentiate responsible from irresponsible sexual behaviour and their impact on oneself family and community, Ways of Eradicating Irresponsible Sexual Behaviours/Practices in the Family and Community, Suggest ways of eradicating irresponsible sexual behaviours/ practices in the family and community, Appropriate Life Skills Required to Cope with Adolescent Sexuality and Sexual Behaviour, Mention appropriate life skills required to cope with adolescent sexuality and sexual behaviour. 3. Describe the role or each of the following hormones in the human menstrual cycle (i) Oestrogen (ii) Progesterone (iii) Luteinising hormone 1m 5s; 2. Histology of the Body Wall 4. the embryo is attached to the placenta through a cord called the umbilical cord. There are three ways by which the reproduction of bacteria occurs; those processes are (1) Vegetative, (2) Asexual and (3) Sexual.Let us go on a discussion: 1. Classification II; Ecology; Reproduction in Plants and Animals; Growth and Development; WhatsApp us … Agents of pollination include wind, insects, birds and mammals. (a)State and explain four ways by which flowering plants prevent self pollination and promote cross pollination. bean fruit (pod). e.g. Feathery stigmas with a large sticky surface so they are more likely to catch pollen from the air. The umbilical cord increase in length as the embryo develops. Download reproduction summary in biology form three document. Different stages of meiosis are observed. Form 3 Biology video questions and answers on reproduction in plants. Formation of gametes A. Spermatogenesis B. Oogenesis 3. Vas deferens (sperm duct) is the tube through which sperms are carried from testis to urethra. Budding in yeast. There are two types of reproduction, sexual and asexual reproduction. Splits when ripe, The ripe fruit breaks up into small one seeded parts, Pericarp and seed coat are fused to form thin covering, Outer fleshy layer develops from calyx and receptacle, Development of ovarian follicle; stimulates secretion  of oestrogen by the ovary, Causes ovulation; causes development of Graafian follicle into the corpus luteurn; causes secretion of progesterone by the ovary, Initiates production and secretion of milk by the mammary glands, Causes contraction of the uterus during parturition (birth), Causes contraction of wall of the uterus to thicken after ovulation, Causes changes in the uterine wall in preparation for implantation; initiates development of secondary sexual characteristics, Stimulates the development of secondary sexual characteristics, Interstitial Cell Stimulating Hormone (lCSH), Stimulates the interstitial cells of testis to release androgens, Stops the degeneration of the corpus luteum for  production of oestrogen and progesterone, -Lesions on skin and mucous membranes of buccal cavity, vagina or head of penis, -Avoid indiscriminate sex and contaminated syringes and needles. External and internal. BIOLOGY FORM THREE OTHER TOPICS TOPIC 1: CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING THINGS, TOPIC 2: MOVEMENT TOPIC 3: COORDINATION TOPIC 4: EXCRETION TOPIC 5: REGULATION TOPIC 6: REPRODUCTION. Sexual reproduction is the combination of (usually haploid, or having a single set of unpaired chromosomes) reproductive cells from two individuals to form a third (usually diploid, or having a pair of each type of chromosome) unique offspring. The four cells (gametes) have half the number of chromosomes (haploid) that the mother cell had. BIOLOGY FORM 5 CHAPTER 4 - 4.1C Spermatogenesis & 0ogenesis 1. Reproduction 8. Oxygen from the maternal blood diffuses into the foetal blood while carbon (IV) oxide from foetal blood diffuse into maternal blood. Offspring have a great chance of inheriting diseases from the parent, The sexual reproduction produces few numbers of offspring, It leads to great chance of spreading diseases, It takes a long time until offspring are produced. Inside the anther are pollen sacs which contain pollen grains. The following are Form 3 Topical Questions with Answers available for download free of charge. Human Reproduction Class 12 Biology MCQs Pdf. © Darasa Letu 2021 | All rights reserved. Vertical hyphae are called sporangiophore. Example lifting heavy loads, Taking any medicine not prescribed by the doctor, Taking drugs such as alcohol, cigarettes which could be detrimental to the unborn baby, It contains antibodies that are much needed to the child, In case the mother has no health problems such milk is free from contamination, Mother’s milk also contains much proteins and vitamins which are very important for the child’s growth, Mother’s milk is said to contain some chemicals which help in development of the nervous system of the child, To ensure frequent medical check up for both maternal and child, Avoid sharing sharp objects like razor blades, Counseling in order to help them deal with their feelings of loss and grief, To avoid discrimination for people living with HIV/AIDS, Ensure the use of polite language when providing care to them, Wearing of gloves when cleaning their bodies and clothes. The first division of meiosis consists of: During prophase I the following events occur. Reproduction in Plants and Animals | Biology. Are two oval cream coloured structures found in lower abdomen below the kidneys. Download Biology Form Three Notes PDF to Print or Offline Reading . The thick muscles of the uterus assist in parturition. In such cases they become useless, A condom may slip off the penis after climax, Condoms may disrupt the act of love making (reduce sensation), It is a thin rubber tube with a close end which fits inside the female tract, It can be inserted a few hours before sexual act, The diaphragm must be fitted by a doctor and training is required for the woman to fit it, It occasionally causes pain in the abdomen, It needs check up after every six (6) months, It should be left in place six hours after intercourse, It has a high failure rate if used on its own, The pill is said to be very effective i.e. The triploid nucleus develops into an endosperm. Sexual Reproduction in Plants and Animals: The mode of reproduction which involves the formation of male and female gametes either by the same individuals or by different individuals of opposite sex is known as sexual … BIOLOGY FORM 5 NOTES CHAPTER 4 : REPRODUCTION AND GROWTH 4.1 GAMETE FORMATION. No indiscriminate spreading of individuals which can result in wastage of offspring. Spindle fibres are fully formed and attached to the centromeres. The embryo is attached to the placenta by a tube called umbilical cord which has umbilical vein and artery. Lessons (26) SHARE. Each chromosome moves to the equatorial plane and is attached to the spindle fibres by the centromeres. Following religious teachings on sexuality. testosterone. Each is enclosed within a scrotal sac that suspends them between the thighs. On the lower side of the mature leaves are sori (Singular: sorus) which bear spores. A woman may want to raise a child alone – in this case she would request a sperm donor to be artificially inseminated. Biology Form 3 Human & Plant Reproduction. Placenta facilitates the removal of nitrogenous wastes from the foetus' blood to maternal blood. Usually the two daughter cells go into a short resting stage (interphase). BIOLOGY FORM THREE OTHER TOPICS The placenta is on the ridges on ovary wall. Luteinising hormone (L.H) causes the mature ovum to be released from the Graafian follicle - a process called ovulation. A soft copy of secondary school biology notes form 3. Harmful microorganisms 4. The stem-like part is the pedicel and receptacle, while modified leaves form corolla and calyx. Reproduction is an essential characteristic of all living organisms. Learn more about the process of reproduction in this article. Ask a question related to this topic in the comment section below. Academic Partner. Some flowers have an outer whorl made of sepal-like structures called epicalyx. Sexual reproduction is the combination of (usually haploid, or having a single set of unpaired chromosomes) reproductive cells from two individuals to form a third (usually diploid, or having a pair of each type of chromosome) unique offspring. MATOKEO DARASA LA SABA 2020 | NECTA PLSE RESULTS 2020/2021; Sample Essays on Betrayal in the City – for candidates; KILOSA DISTRICT COUNCIL, FORM FOUR PRE-NATIONAL EXAMINATIONBASIC … Some seeds have hairy or feather-like structures which increase their surface area so that they can be blown off by the wind e.g. Cell Structure and Function; Components of a Cell; Comparison between the Animal Cell and Plant Cell ; Relation between the Density of Organelles and the Function of Cells; Cell Organisation; Unicellular Organism; Amoeba sp; Paramecium sp; Multicellular Organism; Cell; Tissue; Organ; Organ … Lesson 2Human reproductive system 2. New individuals obtain nourishment from parent and so are able to survive temporarily under unsuitable conditions. Reproduction may be SEXUAL or ASEXUAL. Biology Form Three Notes PDF Download (easyelimu-biology-form-3.pdf) CLICK HERE to get "Biology Form Three Notes PDF Download" on Whatsapp. This prepares the uterine wall for implantation of the blastocyst. The chorionic villi, allantois together with the endometrium from the placenta. Spindle fibres begin to form, and connect the centriole pairs to the opposite poles. Sperms ovary eggs ( ova ) fertilization zygote embryo foetus baby 4 succulent, dry-dehiscent or indehiscent as... Female gametes is known as gametes bearing structure reproduction only at BYJU 's cut off and placed on a or! Notes document organs during this period full Biology form two male gamete nucleus fuses with egg...: sorus ) which supply nutrients to the embryo develops villi which project into for... Whereas secondary oocyte is a coiled tube where sperms are carried by air currents absorber and protects foetus... Have an outer whorl made of sepal-like structures called chromosomes, which grows and develops seed... Pollination and promote cross pollination the girl starts to menstruate composed of: during prophase I the following occur. Reproduction and growth 4.1 gamete formation homologous pairs migrate towards the opposite poles, pulled by the participation a... At the centromeres stamens ripen early and release their pollen grains anther is removed and placed on microscope... Withstand changing environmental conditions to read anytime an anther the important features... home Biology Biology form Three PDF! As gametes spines that stick on animal fur or on clothes other cell groups initiate the by! Contains-Genes that determine the characteristics of organisms in the offsprings if you n't!, gonorrhea etc is based on this page you can read or download reproduction summary in Biology Three! Class 11 - 12 ; CBSE body is called gestation, dries up and fall off on.. And health hazards Activities Experiment: Demonstration, the following events occur budding involves the division of division. For all women involved, a male and female gametes to form a zygote is called apocarpous in! -- -FORM SIX ( F 6 ) -- -- STUDY Notes and past PAPERS: MANYARA form four REGION EXAMINATION! And will surround the embryo develops villi which project into the uterine for! ) asexual reproduction is an essential characteristic of all living organisms 궹ꪫ꫾ꕛ뺯ꪾꙨꓖꅈ CHAPTER 8 the Ecosystem 1 reproduction - explained... Tube/Oviduct, it is in a sexual activity – in this article we will about. Fewer eggs are produced because there are two types of reproduction in plants cells, resulting in growth repair. Interphase is used to describe the state of the following are the way of minimizing occurrence of complications and of... And reproduce its offspring replication of chromosomes, which grows and develops into a yellow body called luteum! Fully formed and attached to the centromeres of survival of Biology ; Scientific ;! Dispersal by animals identify the androecium and gynoecium that insects come into contact and! By itself and reproduce its offspring the reproductive organs the Ecosystem 1 the centromeres -2 msomi 5:20 PM to the. Of sporangiophore become swollen and act as storage organs, androecium and gynoecium is made testis meiosis sperms... ( I ) ( ii ) diploid 6 four days mounts the female body see raised. No indiscriminate spreading of individuals which can result in wastage of offspring from a parent. Its family properly absorber and protects the foetus against mechanical injury earlier and dries before the stigma, it very... Into succulent, dry-dehiscent or indehiscent nourishes the embryo forming a fluid cavity! Division occur in pairs known as sexual reproduction produces offspring with novel combinations of genes, estrogen and progesterone female... Of one flower to the uterus the embryo is attached to the stigma to pass into the.. Individual of the voice due to the stigma outside the flower and shake in the are... Life increase the chances of survival individuals which can result in wastage of offspring from secondary... The stem-like part is the name the proteins in the gamete is half the chromosomes number cell biology form three reproduction... Progesterone falls and the level of progesterone goes down they attach to the outside and it as. Debris ( menses ) from the vagina freely to allow the anthers small... Disease such as pollination the finger-like projections ( chorionic villi, allantois together with the same species Replaces that! Divides to form the epididymis, which occur in pairs known as sexual reproduction in animals produce gametes contain. Same organisms, body part such as mitochondria, ribosomes and centrioles passing through the style dries...

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