• SCREWS: US-made 18-8 stainless steel or black oxide over stainless steel mounting screws, stainless steel cold plate screws
  • This groundbreaking CPU needs a truly next-gen cooler to match.

    At 100% CPU load the pump runs about 2180rpm, the CPU runs 71C, and the water out of the block runs 30C. I'm really curious how an threadripper block would perform on AM4 now. Our promise you will always be happy with your purchase. Next Last. #AMD #Optimus #ThreadripperThis is the final video comparing the EKWB Velocity CPU Water Block against the Optimus Water Block for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3. Specialty … https://www.performance-pcs.com/optimus-foundation-absolute-threadripper-3-cpu-blockclear-acrylic-satin-black-pro-xe-nickel.html, https://www.performance-pcs.com/media/catalog/product/o/p/op-cpu-tr-abs-acr-b-n_01.png, /Water Cooling/Water Blocks/Water Blocks - CPU, COOLING 64 OVERCLOCKED CORES. Optimus Foundation CPU Block - AMD.

    The only way to truly guarantee 0.000025mm level of accuracy is to CNC the cold plate perfectly with diamond bits. Radiators, it look like Hardware Labs and Alphacool are some of the bests...I read that thick radiators call for noisy fans (high rpm) meanwhile thin radiators …

    Optimus sets another record for flattest cold plate on the market. The torque driver has a maximum torque of 1.5 newton meters. We're so confident, we back every product with a 10 year warranty. The Optimus Absolute Threadripper 3+ is made for Threadripper 3's massive core count and thermal requirements, easily handling Threadripper's overclocking potential, even if you're pushing 700 watts into your CPU. Second only to our SignatureV2 block, the Foundation sets a new bar for incredible Intel CPU performance. I have to say this block is definitely a win! D5 Reservoir System - Ready To Ship. The KPX paste spreads extremely well, which is critical for Optimus blocks with micron-level surface finishes. Your build is a high end one.


  • O-RINGS: US-made plasticizer-free EPDM o-rings
  • Replacement Cold Plates; Foundation CPU Block Brackets; Foundation CPU Block Tops; Foundation CPU Block - Intel . And if anything ever happens, we're right here in the USA, so you'll get taken care of immediately. The Absolute Threadripper 3+ block debuts a new Optimus method for installation, using the included T20 torque driver included with Threadripper CPUs. Joined Aug 31, 2006 Messages 174. You'll only need to flush your radiators and non-Optimus products. Most orders ship same day or use our Rush Service.


    I can see the actual flow from the waterblock in the internal tube of the upper water cylinder. AMD Threadripper 3 combines four of their consumer CPUs for a single XL CPU with up to 64 cores. Choose nickel for aesthetics and/or liquid metal compatibility