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Learn about Advantages of fiber laser cutting machines

cnc fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting is an increasingly popular technology that is becoming irreplaceable in various industries because of its advantages. Fiber laser cutting wins over traditional cutting methods, such as CO2 or mechanical cutting, because of its benefits.

Fiber laser cutting machines are the in-thing today because of their revolutionary precision, which is imperative in the fabrication and manufacturing industry. The speed, precision, versatility and varied use in several applications make these machines a must for business needs.

Let us learn about the key advantages of fiber laser cutting and understand the reasons why fiber laser cutting is commonly used:

High precision cutting: Fiber lasers produce a strong razor-sharp, concentrated beam of light for extremely precise cutting and shaping of the material. Cutting a particular width or dimension with high positional accuracy is not difficult. This makes the fiber laser beam produced by the CNC laser cutting machine manufacturers suitable for creating detailed, intricate design cuts. High levels of precision with great accuracy are possible now in cutting. Complex cuts with tight tolerances make fiber laser cutting ideal for applications needing fine details.

Speed and efficiency: Fiber laser cutting machines have high cutting speeds that help significantly reduce production time compared to olden technologies. The strong laser beam melts and evaporates the material rapidly, thus, resulting in super fast and proficient cutting processes. Fiber lasers are known for their high cutting speeds that help save time and money to a great extent.

Versatility: Fiber lasers can cut through a wide range of materials smoothly and with ease. The beams can cut metals such as aluminium, brass, steel, and copper through composites, plastics, and other materials. This versatility makes the fiber lasers ideal for diverse applications and is used for aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and electronics. The sharp beams can handle different densities and thicknesses of materials, making them ideal for several diverse industrial applications.

Minimal heat-affected zone: The Fiber lasers concentrate multiple light beams at one point and generate a heat-affected zone during cutting. Even if the area of this heat-affected zone is small, it results in minimal thermal distortion in the material. Hence, it minimizes the need for extra finishing or additional processing and helps preserves the structural integrity of the parts that have been trimmed or cut.

The fiber laser cutting machines can be:

  1. Smoothly integrated into automation systems, material handling systems and even robot arms.
  2. Seamlessly integrated into production lines.
  3. Made compatible with technologically advanced computer-aided design software. This helps in the automation of complex and difficult cutting methods and the seamless transfer of different cutting patterns.
  4. Used to improve productivity
  5. Used to reduce labour costs.

While the initial investment for a fiber laser cutting system may be higher than traditional cutting equipment, the operational costs are often lower in the long run. Fiber lasers have high energy efficiency, consume less power than other laser cutting methods, and demand minimal maintenance. You can save money and control energy consumption with this innovative and cost-effective manufacturing process.

Get the Perfect Cut Every Time

Ready to start cutting with your own fiber laser machine? Request a quote for more information. 

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