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Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

The development of the automobile and electronics industries are the major drivers of the fiber laser marketplace. Moreover, growing economy all over the world is encouraging the implementation of high-power fiber lasers.

Fiber laser cutting machines offered by Stealth Machine tools are highly resourceful, solid, and eco-friendly. They are becoming gradually more popular among several different consumer marketplaces. The development of high-power fiber lasers for cutting is also fuelled via the increasing use of these devices in various sectors.

Fiber lasers use optical fiber cables or silica glass cables to generate a light beam. This results in a beam that is straighter and thinner in contrast to other lasers. In addition, these lasers are highly resourceful and need less cooling than normal lasers. Other advantages of fiber lasers include their low functional cost and overall maintenance.

Stealth Machine tools fiber lasers are specially built for performance

A fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used in industrial applications, such as engraving, cutting, and welding. Fiber lasers are very effective in cutting thin sheets and stainless steel. In fact, they can attain speeds of up to 6 times more rapidly than CO2 lasers. For instance, a fiber laser can cut a 5 mm broadsheet at a rate of up to 2 m/s.

Stealth Machine tools high-power fiber laser cutting machines with CNC technology are competent to process metal plates, machine cases, and electrical cabinets. Their speed and precision make them a brilliant choice for many industries. These machines feature automatic zoom cutting heads along with lens monitoring, automatic focal point fine-tuning, and edge search design. They are also highly resourceful and long-lasting.

Better precision and efficiency

The cutting speed involving a CNC fiber laser cutter varies based on the material being cut. The top cutting speed is achieved when the material is thinner. On the other hand, cutting speed decreases with growing material thickness. In addition to this, the cutting intensity and beam focus position influence the cutting speed.

In contrast to other conventional methods of cutting metal, a CNC fiber laser machine offers better precision throughout. It is also more proficient and creates less waste. As a result, it is continually more becoming the criterion in metal manufacturing. What’s more, it can be up to 10 times more faster in contrast to traditional processes.

Cost factor

Alongside the initial cost of a fiber cutting machine being the most important consideration for buying one, it is also very important to know the functioning costs as well. These costs are directly related to time and material. The more the cutting time, the more costly it is, even as shorter cutting times results in lower costs.

In addition to the initial investment, an effective Stealth Machine tools CNC fiber laser cutting machine can decrease the functioning costs. It is solid and easy to integrate into manufacturing lines. Fiber laser cutter also has a smaller quantity of consumables in contrast to plasma cutting machines. On the other hand, a fiber cutting machine is not maintenance-free and may require to be serviced occasionally.

There are a number of factors that are driving the expansion of the fiber laser cutting machines. These factors include the implementation of superior fiber laser cutter machines, which aid increasing output, improving precision, and reducing expenditure. One of the key factors supporting the expansion of this marketplace is rapid industrialization across the world.

Rising demand

The region-specific industries are driving the demand for CNC laser cutting machines. As a result, it is likely to be the fastest-growing segment in the worldwide laser cutting machine marketplace. Fiber laser cutter technology is a rapid, precise, and flexible means of cutting sheet metal. It reduces the need for moulds and saves on manufacturing costs and labor force. In fact, it has been universally implemented by different metal processing industries.