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CO2 Lasers

With its high power and better control, a CO2 laser cutter can be used for applications requiring precision, mass manufacturing, and most outstandingly, personalization. CO2 laser engravers and cutters are very precise and can be used to make designs, embellishments, and on almost any material you can consider, for instance – wood, metal, and plastic.

How does Stealth Machine Tools co2 laser cutting machine work?

In a CO2 laser CNC cutter, light is produced when electricity runs via a gas-filled tube between mirrors at both the last parts. One mirror is completely reflective at the same time as the other one allows a little light come through. These mirrors direct the laser beam into the material that is to be cut. The gas is typically a combination of CO2, nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen.

Any light generated by CO2 lasers is very powerful in contrast to normal light. This is because the mirrors replicate nearly all of the light traveling throughout the tube and initiate the light waves to build in strength. The light only passes in the course of the moderately reflective mirror when it becomes strong enough.

Given that the light from a laser is infrared, it is undetectable to the human eye. Above and beyond, it has a very long wavelength. It can cut a multiplicity of materials, such as cloth, timber, paper, metal, and glass. The powerful heat from this light vaporizes the material that is ready to be cut, leaving a precise, soft finish.

Depending on the appearance you are going for on your material and what material you are engraving or cutting, the speed and power settings can be reduced and amplified. Testing your material ahead of time is a good practice and will dig up you closer to perfect results, at all times.

Advantages of Stealth Machine Tools CO2 Laser CNC Cutters

There are quite a lot of benefits to using a co2 laser cutter.

Non-Contact Method: The beam doesn’t actually touch the material it is working with; in its place, it causes the material-melting through strong heat. This results in least damage to the material and the device.

Low Power Utilization: Stealth Machine Tools CO2 laser engraving machine has low maintenance costs and only needs reasonable replacement parts.

A Secure Method: Laser cutting is much safer in contrast to other forms of cutting in view of the fact that it doesn’t use a blade.

Better Accuracy: Lasers generate highly precise and accurate cuttings with clean cuts and a soft finish.

Why Stealth Machine Tools?

We offer the best and all-inclusive tech support in the business. Our professionals are always there to help with 24/7 support. It’s important for us that you spend your time creating valuable products and expanding your business rather than wasting time on recurrent troubles.

All of the CO2 laser cutter machines are sold in packages. It incorporates all accessories, hardware, software, and hardware that you’ll require to start making money instantly. You won’t run into costly add-ons or hidden costs. You’ll feel comfortable while managing your business after your deal with Stealth Machine Tools.

Laser cutting with a CO2 lasers finish is great in contrast to other processes, such as plasma or oxy. CO2 laser system can be used more or less anywhere. A CO2 laser cutter has the benefit of being capable to cut a wider variety of materials, such as wood and plastic. Some of the wide varieties of applications for CO2 laser cutting include cutting or drilling of holes in steel parts, cutting of plastic signs, and cutting of profiles in wood.

If you’re ready to modernize your business with Stealth Machine Tools CO2 laser cutter machines, get in touch with us today!