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Fiber Marking Lasers

For those who don’t know, a Fiber Laser Marking Machine is extensively used in manufacturing applications, medical devices, and small & medium-sized businesses besides home businesses.

In simple terms, it is a kind of high-speed laser engraving system that employs a fiber laser beam to mark a permanent spot on the outside area of an item which could be metallic, for instance – stainless steel, brass, platinum, gold, silver, or non-metallic (for instance – different kinds of plastics and ceramics).

Stealth Machine Tools fiber laser marking machine is just one expression given to this device, several other terms popularly used for this machine include fiber laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking gear, and so on.

The question you might be asking yourself right away would be why is laser marking generally so essential?

In today’s world, it is very important for finishing products to pass very strict manufacturing regulations. More so, in the present day, customers are more active with their grievances, so companies need to be on their toes to keep away from missing out on any warning notifications on the equipment they’re selling.

Why Stealth Machine Tools?

Life has turned out to be fast and with robots controlling the whole thing and everything is becoming automated leaving no space for physical processes. Fiber laser marking works out all these setbacks being faced by manufacturers as a result of giving out the simple way out of the best fiber laser engraver. Be it metal engraving the expiration date of surgical material on them or doing a batch-making rely on the manufacturing line – a fiber laser marking machine can perform it all.

There has been abundant research and papers available on metal engraving, but let’s reveal more and look into the medical manufacturing marking ways and whether going for laser marking machines on medical tools is a good choice or not:

  • Fiber laser marking machines are intended to meet the requirements of manufacturers who mark codes and other details on the high-density material like plastics and metals
  • Applies high-contrast marks at the best possible speeds on metals, plastics, and other manufacturing products
  • Practically no maintenance and a source life expectancy of several hours deliver much better performance and long-standing reliability
  • Line momentum meets the demands of grand-speed packaging maneuvers
  • Broad marking window provides more time to print, increasing manufactured goods throughput and capitalizing on output

What is Fiber Laser Marking?

Fiber laser marking functions via delivering a wavelength up to ten times shorter in contrast to that produced by a CO2 laser. Because of this much smaller focal space, the strength of the fiber laser system is approximately 100 times higher in contrast to CO2 systems with parallel power output; thus making fiber lasers perfect for coding on packaging materials

Benefits of Stealth Machine Tools fiber lasers:

Fiber lasers benefit from more speed and power, which provides more accessible mark time to realize the best legible code on a variety of materials; for instance – Aluminum cans, wire and cable, white polypropylene extrusion, and more.

Stealth Machine Tools fiber laser engraving machine is the best way out for numerous parts – marking, medical, and cosmetics companies. A wide range of fiber lasers has been intended to make sure laser marks are clearly and precisely positioned, offering code accuracy that does not unfavorably impact manufactured goods’ aesthetics.

Fiber laser engravers

A fiber laser engraver uses a method of cutting throughout paint on a surface to make permanent marks that guard codes from being altered by illegitimate channels. Fiber laser engraving usually refers to deeper material elimination that generates a depression in the material.

Are you looking for a Fiber Laser Marking Machine or the best fiber laser engraver?

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