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CO2 Laser Machines for Engraving and Cutting

co2 laser cutting machine

CO2 laser machines are advanced equipment used extensively for cutting and engraving glass, ceramic, wood, acrylic, leather, and other materials. A high-powered laser beam is precisely focused on a fixed area to melt and vaporize the material so that it can engrave or cut it.

With millions of businesses entering the market, the competition is rampant and fierce. Suppose you want your manufacturing unit to stand out and be exclusive in a crowd of manufacturers. In that case, you have to create a personalized impact, and the precision and accurate production of the fiber laser markers can do this.

Method and working principle:
A carbon dioxide gas laser is integral to the advanced CO2 laser equipment. This helps create a focused beam of infrared light thrown onto the material’s surface through a sequence of lenses and mirrors, where it may be engraved or cut depending on the settings and design. CO2 laser engraving machines help engrave elaborate patterns, fine details, images, specified logos, intricate text, and pictures into several materials. They have tremendous accuracy, create high-precision works, and can quickly generate minute details.

CO2 lasers are a popular tool extensively used in the manufacturing and industrial fields. It is undoubtedly a familiar and popular device for manufacturers and small company owners. Because of their precision and flexibility, these gadgets are increasingly prevalent in various sectors. The CO2 lasers are in trend and popular with small enterprises because this technology assists businesses and company’s growth.

Why are CO2 lasers becoming popular day by day?
CO2 lasers are becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing due to their flexibility and low cost. They also provide several processing techniques, from laser cutting to branding, etching, marking, and engraving.

The versatile machines allow the manufacturer to cut and engrave complex designs, patterns, complicated forms, pictures, motifs, and italics in several sizes. Furthermore, it easily engraves and etches a wide range of materials, including wood, ceramic, stone, certain metals, glass, and other organic materials.

Also, the software used to run CO2 laser technology is highly user-friendly and straightforward. Anyone can use it as it does not need a high level of technical knowledge, allowing it to be utilized by almost anybody. Heat energy is transferred because the fiber light beam falls on the material’s surface. The area heats up, and the material changes.

Depending on the intensity and power of the laser beam, the material can be marked, etched, cut, discolored, or hollowed out with great precision. The unique CO2 laser engraving machine is innovative, dependable, fast, and versatile, indeed an ideal method to mark materials with internal coding, serial numbers, logos, and other important information.

It can also easily engrave and mark highly contrasting, easily readable marks on different materials, making it one of the best and most versatile choices for the industrial and manufacturing fields. Consider fiber laser marking if you want to add value to your products. The production industry is highly dependent on this high-precision engraving and etching method, which helps boost marketing efforts.

SLX1390 CO2 Laser:
While we’re talking of the CO2 laser engraving devices, the SLX1390 CO2 Laser needs a special mention here. The SLX1390 CO2 Laser is created explicitly for advanced industrial applications because of its high-precision accurate engraving, hollowing, or cutting of different materials. It has buried applications in various fields, such as furniture designing, the model industry, and the manufacturing of decoration items.

The work is exact, and this is the reason the SLX1390 CO2 Laser is a chosen machine for many artisans. You can now create beautiful artwork on non-metallic materials of actively. Marking graphs, trademarks, characters, and images can be done efficiently in no time on different materials such as wood, plastic, leather, acrylic, paper, and other non-metal products.

Complex designs can be created within no time with the narrow laser. Most importantly, there is no physical contact between the workpiece material and the laser beam, thus reducing the chances of contamination to a great extent. Moreover, only a limited area is heated, and the engraving is smooth and free from thermal deformation and rough edges.

High-precision and permanent marking:
Imagine having to mark different materials by hand or traditional machines. This process can take you hours, and production is minimal. Choose a fiber laser marker if you want a higher output power and more applications at a fast speed. The deep engraving will ensure the marks stay permanent and cannot be removed until the product changes.

Reliable, super fast, and flexible:
Fiber laser markers are an advanced technology often utilized and the first choice in the steel industry because of their reliability, flexibility, accuracy, and high speed. But, not only have the steel industry benefits from the fiber lasered markers.

The laser beams can penetrate and mark different materials in no time. All this can be done in a super fast manner. Within minutes, the manufacturing unit’s internal coding or the product’s serial number can be marked legibly on it.

Higher production in minimum time:
It may surprise you, but a high-powered, high-intensity fiber laser marker can mark materials five times faster than traditional methods so why don’t you request a quote? And, all this is done at half the operating costs. Within minutes, the same marking is etched up on several pieces, resulting in higher production in minimum time.

Now, we come to the most commonly asked question: Are fiber lasers better?
A fiber laser beam of high-power is five times faster than the traditional laser machine. These laser devices can be started and implemented at minimum costs without pre-preparation or warm-up time. Besides this, higher reliability, faster start-up time, better beam quality, lower carbon footprint, easy maintenance, remote processing, and longer service life make it an excellent choice for the industry.

Once the energy-laden laser beam falls on the material, it triggers a reaction and leaves a permanent mark at the focal area. Adding expiry and manufacturing dates, marking maintenance schedules, and etching logos visibly is an excellent quality exhibited by the fiber laser markers. The modern world significantly depends on the CO2 fiber laser engraving machines for marking, engraving, texturing, drilling, hollowing, cleaning, and performing other tasks in various industrial fields.

Get the Perfect Cut Every Time

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