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Fiber Laser Cutting Machines | Precision Laser Cutting with Fiber Lasers

fiber laser cutting

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines | Precision Laser Cutting with Fiber Lasers

Explore High-Precision Laser Cutting with Our Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Stealth Laser is at the forefront of innovation with our advanced fiber laser cutting machines, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in various industrial applications. These cutting-edge machines harness the power of fiber lasers, which are known for their exceptional performance in cutting through materials such as carbon steel and other metals with exactitude. If you’re in the market for a laser cutting machine that can offer meticulous fiber cutting capabilities, or looking for a robust laser cutter that can handle high-volume production, Stealth Laser has a fiber laser cutting machine tailored to your needs. Equipped with powerful fiber lasers, our machines deliver clean cuts with minimal kerf and high-speed operation, which translates to increased productivity for your business.

The capabilities of our laser cutters to operate with precision on materials ranging from thin sheet metal to thicker metal plates makes them the favored choice for industry professionals. When it comes to laser cutting, the power of our machines stands out, offering reliable and consistent performance. This is particularly crucial when working with laser cutters that are expected to maintain high precision over long periods. The Stealth Laser fiber laser cutter lineup is designed to intuitively integrate with existing workflows, where the cutting fiber technology augments the overall effectiveness and speed of production.

Our CNC laser technology goes beyond cutting, with machines like ours offering additional functionalities that expand the possibilities of fabrication. Stealth Laser is up to date on the ever-evolving industry demands and laser cutting machines, including the laser engravers (or laser marking machines), are adapting and innovating, ensuring that businesses not only keep up but stay ahead of the competition.

In addition to our robustly built fiber laser cutting machines, our team can consult and provide tailored solutions to businesses seeking specific fiber cutting or laser marking (engraving) capabilities. The varied selection of our laser machine models is our approach to providing affordable and quality solutions in the fiber laser technology sector. We have high-energy laser cutting to intricate laser engravings. Moreover, our fiber laser cutters are tested and reviewed for longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Explore the potential of high-grade fiber lasers within the Stealth Laser family to fuel your businesses growing needs. Hopefully with our machines, you can scale at a pace that is perfect for your business. The laser precision of these machines ensure that your operations are not only swift and precise but also cost-efficient. Thus, investing in a fiber laser cutter or cutting machine from Stealth Laser means equipping your business with a partner in productivity. With the fiber cutting innovations always happening, don’t let your business get left behind—choose our machines to empower your business with the edge it deserves in the realm of fiber laser cutting.

Maximize Metal Fabrication with Advanced Fiber Laser Cutter Technology

Metal fabrication has evolved with the integration of advanced machinery and cutting-edge technology. At the heart of this innovation is the fiber laser cutting machines, which have become irreplaceable tools for industries requiring precision cutting for all kinds of materials. These cutting machines, renowned for their efficiency and accuracy, are changing the landscape of the fabrication industry, offering the best in cutting metal and other materials. Our Stealth Laser fiber laser cutter models, in particular, are designed to provide the finesse and control necessary for intricate laser cutting work.

Our fiber laser cutting machines harness the power of a highly focused laser beam to slice through materials such as steel, stainless steel, galvanized metals, aluminum, brass, flat plate materials, and copper with incredible speed and precision. Our cutters are capable of nesting multiple parts to one sheet, accepts a variety of sheet sizes and has 2 dimensional cutting.
The adaptability of the machines allow you to move seamlessly between varying thicknesses of materials, making the laser metal cutting process not just precise but also versatile. Moreover, the enhanced power efficiency of fiber laser technology means that operations are cost-effective and environmentally friendlier compared to traditional machinery.

At Stealth Laser, we recognize that metal fabrication is more than just cutting; it’s an art that requires the right tools. Our advanced fiber laser cutter is engineered to meet the demands of fabricators who take pride in their work. The systems within our machines are robust and reliable, providing that each cut on a metal sheet or heavy-gauge steel component is as precise as the last. This commitment to consistency is what sets Stealth Laser apart in the field of laser metal fabrication.

If you’re working with thin sheets or thick steel plates, our cutting machine will do the work. From stainless steel components that require a precise edge, to intricate designs etched into copper sheets, Stealth Laser’s machines have expansive capabilities for in a large assortment of metal work applications.

Even materials considered challenging to cut, such as alloys containing aluminum, can be handled with the same level of precision and speed. This opens up possibilities for small to large business metal fabrication once only accessible to larger fabricators, allowing for versatility and creativity in metal work. Our laser cutters serve as an essential tool to a multitude of business owners where detailed metal fabrication is essential.

As the metal fabrication industry continues to evolve, we innovate. Stealth Laser’s fiber laser cutter machines embody the future of metalwork. With every piece of stainless steel cut, every intricate cut in copper, and every sheet of metal transformed into a work of art, our machines redefine the meaning of precision and productivity in the field of metal fabrication.

Discover the Difference a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Can Make for Your Metal Cutting Needs

Experience unmatched efficiency in metal cutting with Stealth Laser’s fiber laser cutting machines. These powerful machines are engineered to simplify complex tasks, offering unparalleled precision across a spectrum of applications. With models like the Stealth Laser ‘Phoenix’ series, cutting through carbon steel, stainless, or copper becomes an effortless endeavor. Our fiber lasers, equipped with advanced CNC technology, provide a consistency in cut quality that was once the hallmark of only the most skilled professionals.

The seamless operation of our fiber laser cutters is evident in the pristine edges and clean lines delivered even on the most demanding designs. Transforming sheets of metal into intricate patterns is now just a matter of setting your parameters and letting the ‘Phoenix’ series work its magic. With laser technology that scales to handle thick and thin materials alike, a quick adjustment is all that’s needed to switch between cutting with laser precision on delicate applications or powering through bulkier pieces with minimal downtime.

Stealth Laser’s fiber laser cutting machines are not just robust; they are smart. The integrated CNC system offers a level of control that results in cuts so precise they seem to be the work of fine artistry. The concentrated energy housed within every fiber laser cutter model, from the ‘SS1510’ to the ‘SS3015CPR Night Hawk’, is tailored to propel your projects forward swiftly, whether you’re cutting through sheets of steel or alloys. You’ll find the capacity to execute complex patterns with unmatched accuracy – an invaluable asset in your metal fabrication needs.

Our fiber lasers set the standard for what modern metal cutting should be: fast, efficient, and with an eye for incredible quality. In the world of precision laser cutting, the Stealth Laser’s machines stand out, ready to redefine the limits of your production capabilities. The coupling of efficiency with the precision of our fiber laser cutting technology means that even the most labor-intensive projects become streamlined operations. 

Explore Stealth Laser’s cutting solutions and watch your business’s potential expand.


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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Enclosed w/ Platform & Rotary Attachment

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Get the Perfect Cut Every Time

Ready to start cutting with your own fiber laser machine? Request a quote for more information. 

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