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Fiber Laser Machines for Marking and Engraving

Fiber Laser Marking

To mark and engrave different products, the manufacturing industry relies on technologically advanced Fiber laser machines. These versatile tools are popular and help in engraving, marking and cutting several materials with the help of a fiber optic laser source. For this, the power and intensity of the fiber laser ray are altered, and different functions can be performed.

The laser beams are high-speed, precise, versatile and durable. These rays are sent through a lens and fall on a particular spot on the material’s surface. Furthermore, with the help of vaporization and heating on a localized point, engraving and marking are done, and it stays permanently on the material. Fiber laser machines available at Stealth Machine Tools can easily engrave different materials and some metals, including aluminium, steel, brass, ceramics, plastics, and certain organic substances. Let us see the typical applications of these machines:

1. Serial numbering
2. Product branding
3. QR code marking
4. Barcodes
5. Graphics
6. Decorative and intricate marking
7. Medical device marking

Fiber laser markers and laser engravers are viral in the manufacturing and industrial fields. Till the last 20 years, there is substantive evidence that they were extensively used for commercial purposes to make permanent marks or branding on products, to set them apart from the others. So, request a quote from a reliable source if you are interested.

Laser marking and laser engravings are methods used commonly on fiberglass, glass, wood, plastic, leather, cloth, and some selective metals to etch, mark or engrave a message with the help of specific machines. Traditionally, rotating or vibrating tools were used to engrave logos, messages or text on different substances. This worked for quite a while because there was no other option. There was a disadvantage because a replica could not be engraved or marked. But, with advancements in technology, new high-powered laser machines were developed or marked.

There is no contact between the machine and the surface to be engraved. Also, no ink is used! However, other methods help engrave the message into the object. All this is done with the help of specific machines and high-intensity fiber laser beams from the machines available at Stealth Machine Tools. The marking has no ink, and it is the high heat from the high-powered beam that marks or engraves the object.

Fiber laser marking machine discolours the focused area and leaves a mark on the surface without cutting through it. The gadgets are used ingeniously to mark graphics, bar codes, logos, identification symbols, numbers and characters, etc. Because there are no chemicals used in the process of marking, it is considered environmentally friendly. These markings are permanent but made on the object subtly and delicately because they are used for tracking purposes.

Fiber laser marking technology is an integral part of the laser engraving industry, and it is used extensively for Jewellery engraving and other industries. The high-resolution image industry and medical industry also rely on fiber laser marking.

There is a fundamental difference between the fiber laser marking machines and the fiber laser engraving machines. The laser markers make marks on the upper surface of the material. The rays make marks roughly about .5 mm, and the laser engraving machine makes deep etches from .1mm to 100mm. The rays penetrated deep into the object.

There are many advantages of using Fiber laser devices because they are an asset to the production fields and help increase production rate:

1. Speed: The fiber laser machines are high-powered devices that run at a very high speed. Within no time, many products with the exact dimensions and shapes are produced, thus making them an integral part of the manufacturing industry. The engravings and marks are completed exceptionally fast, resulting in high-volume production.

2. Durability: Fiber lasers are robust and sturdy machines that promise a long life span. They hardly need any maintenance and stand unmatched for years and years with minimal “looking-after” wear and tear.

3. High-precision: The fiber lasers are capable of making intricate designs with fine details and small text. Each product is made with high precision and is a replica of the original.

4. Minimal consumables: The process does not need bits or inks in the process. The operating costs are very minimal, and hardly any consumables are used in the process. The process depends on the laser rays and their power. Accordingly, the material is marked, engraved or cut!

5. Non-contact process: The fiber laser rays and their high-power heat is used to make changes in the material. There is no direct contact between the material and the machine. Hence, there is no damage or distortion in the product. The heat generated during the process does not harm the machine because there is a combination of gas used to cool down as the process commences.

6. Computerized control: Software is used to control the marks, engravings and design. The design is pre-fed in the software, and the machine etches or marks the product precisely. This is the reason the design can be customized for different customers, and even besides mass production, each product is an imitation of the original. The software works according to different file formats, and thus there is increased compatibility.

7. Safety Considerations: The process of fiber laser cutting is carried out in a ventilated area. The staff is asked to wear proper protected protective gear, and all safety precautions needed are taken to keep the operators safe.

Fiber laser markers and engravers can mark in different ways, such as:

1. Ablation: A little material is removed from the workpiece to make a mark or engrave according to pre-determined depth.
2. Annealing: The material is not removed in this process. Only the colour of the object is changed with the laser rays.
3. Colouration: Contrast marks are made on different materials, such as metals.
4. Foaming: Raised marks are created with the proper heat and power on plastic materials.

Fiber laser machine manufacturers and suppliers in the USA are also gaining popularity in the jewellery industry. The machines are commonly used to certify diamonds and mark intricate designs. If you want superior quality work in a hassle-free, precise and fast manner, then the fiber lasers by Stealth machine tools are the ideal choice. Contact us for our quotation, and we will get back to you right away!

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