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Shape and Cut with Fiber Laser Cutter

Fiber laser cutters

Do you want to shape the metal piece in your garage? You should opt for the innovative Fiber laser cutting method of cutting and shaping the material. Let us explain further! 

Fiber Laser cutter provides diversified laser solutions desired by many industries, especially the heavy manufacturing industries. Moreover, these cutters can work both on metals and non-metals. But that is not all.

The popular cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers are a favorite among artists, designers, the automobile industry, the steel industry, the leather industry, the textile industry, the furniture industry, architecture, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. These creators permit exploration and experimentation in creating shapes for industrial purposes. 

Fiber Laser cutting is frequently used by the cnc laser cutting machine manufacturers in the automobile industry. Many of the components used in automobiles are made through sheet metal cutting that depends on fiber laser cuts resulting in precise, perfect work and faster production.

High-power laser source:

Laser Source: The laser source in the fiber laser cutters is the reliable and efficient fiber-optic cable. High beam quality is essential for precise cutting, and these cutters have exceptionally high power density that helps make smooth and sharp cuts.

These laser cutter uses a fiber laser supply to produce a laser beam with high intensity. This beam is focused onto the material to be cut and is directed minutely through a series of mirrors to focus precisely on one point. The hot focussed laser beam vaporizes and melts the material and shapes it narrowly with high precision.

The high-energy laser fiber cutter: 

Fiber laser cutters are very efficient and have high power and energy. They efficiently transform input power to laser output power, thus reducing operating expenses and lowering energy consumption.

The performance of the fiber laser cutting machines depends on the following:

The fiber laser cutters may be the ideal solution for many applications, but their performance varies according to:

  1. machine’s power,
  2. The Machine’s configuration,
  3. Type of metal or material being cut.

The versatility of the laser cutting machines:

The automotive, electronics, manufacturing, aerospace, and jewellery industries demand efficient and precise cutting. This is where the fiber laser cutter comes in. Fiber laser cutters can handle material of any thickness and thus work successfully on thin sheets and thick plates to shape them creatively and properly.

Speed and precision of these machines:

Speed and Precision: The laser cutters have high cutting speeds but still maintain high levels of precision. In fact, they can cut smoothly through a wide range of materials, non-metals, and metals, including copper, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, and composites.

Do these machines need maintenance?

Fiber lasers last long and do not need extensive maintenance, but this is not so in other laser technologies. There is less wear and tear because the laser source has no moving parts. The fiber laser cutting process has no contact between the material and the cutting tool. Thus there is lesser downtime, more design flexibility, and reduced chances for tool changes.

Fiber laser cutters can operate well in high-volume manufacturing environments and be used for mass production. They can be integrated easily with material handling systems and robots with computer numerical control systems to make the process efficient and seamless.

Get the Perfect Cut Every Time

Ready to start cutting with your own fiber laser machine? Request a quote for more information. 

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