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The advantages of our Fiber laser cutting machines

fiber laser engraving machine

Fiber laser cutting is slowly getting the recognition it deserves because it is a technologically advanced way of cutting the shaping different materials in the manufacturing industry. The machines are irreplaceable because of their several advantages, and they win over the old cutting methods, such as mechanical cutting, because of speed and accuracy restrictions.

Fiber metal laser cutting machine is far superior to traditional cutters because of their high precision and high-speed cutting. Other laser systems are included in the list of fiber laser cutters, such as the:

1. Compact-type fiber laser is smaller but offers the same efficiency and versatility as the Fiber laser cutter.

2. With its open configuration, open-type fiber laser uses fiber optic technology to render efficient processing, manufacturing, and excellent applications. These machines and their components are accessible, exposed, and not enclosed from sight.

Why do people choose fiber laser cutting machines for their manufacturing units?

Fabrication and manufacturing industries rely on high precision works and production rates for business benefits. Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers rely on the devices’ versatility, speed, and precision. Let’s see the main advantages of laser systems:

1. Accurate cutting: A super high solid intensity beam of laser light is used to penetrate the material, cut it, and shape it according to design. It’s an easy job cutting material into shapes with high positional precision. Cutting the material in a particular dimension with fine details and width can be managed; thus, intricate and detailed designing, including complex shapes, is possible. Fiber laser beam cutting can achieve high levels of precision and accuracy.

Fiber lasers shine a high-power focused beam of light on the material and melt it to achieve intricate and delicate cuts that are precise and accurate. The cutting is detailed and shapes the material as desired. Hence, it is used in electronics, medical, aerospace, and automobile industries.

2. High speed: Fiber laser cutters are known for their fast cutting speeds and accurate design. The production time is reduced significantly as opposed to traditional systems of cutting. High-intensity laser beams have high cutting speeds and help shape the material proficiently through melting and evaporation.

3. Save money and time: If the cutting speeds increase, the time taken to cut the work pieces reduces dramatically, and more shapes are produced, thus helping save time and money. Fiber lasers are energy-efficient, and help cut costs to a great extent because they consume less power. Moreover, the prices also cut down because of the lower maintenance requirements.

4. High production rate: The fast speed of the laser beam melts and evaporates the metal quickly and proficiently. Wasted material is blown away, and the shapes are left behind. The whole process is rapid and efficient, contributing to the production rate. Fiber lasers cut rapidly through various materials resulting in improved cutting efficiency and higher production rates. Fiber laser cutting is especially preferred in the industrial segments with high-volume production needs.

5. Non-Contact Cutting: A fiber laser cutting machine does not let the laser beam come in contact with the material and thus can be called a non-contact process. There is no damage or contamination because there is no physical touch; hence, the process suits sensitive and delicate materials.

6. Minimal Material Waste: The fiber lasers with high precision minimize material wastage because the narrow cutting kerf drastically reduces the material removed during cutting. This is another reason for sustained manufacturing and cost savings.

7. Versatility: Fiber lasers can cut through several metals and materials such as stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, wood, certain plastics, composites, etc., making them ideal for different applications of aerospace, aeronautical, locomotive, automotive, electronics, and other manufacturing industries. The high powered laser beam can smoothly slide into materials and metals of different thicknesses and densities, thus making it one of the good choices for the manufacturing and industrial fields.

8. Minimum thermal distortion: Multiple laser light beams are focussed at a particular point, and the surrounding area develops a heat-affected zone during the process. Laser cutters have minimal thermal distortion, and the material’s heat-affected zone is small. There is significantly less damage to the material, and thus the need for additional processing and extra finishing is minimal. The structural integrity of the cut or trimmed areas is preserved to a great extent.

9. Low maintenance and reduced downtime: The Fiber laser machines are more or less stationary with some selective parts that move compared to other cutting methods. This is a positive factor because repairs are reduced, and maintenance is unnecessary, improving productivity and reducing downtime. Well, you may have to pay extra initially, but in the long run, these gadgets are a feasible investment.

10. Reduction in operational costs: The operating costs are lesser; thus, the expenses are reduced. These gadgets consume lesser power and have higher energy efficiency. This is why various manufacturers and industries prefer to get fiber laser cutters for their business facilities. The limited maintenance demands and cutting costs are excellent financing solutions for the manufacturing sector.

Stealth machine tools have several fiber laser machines to offer its clients, namely SS1510 | Compact Type Fiber Laser, SS3015 | Open Type Fiber Laser, SS3015CP | Fiber Laser Cutting Machine w/ Enclosed Platform, SL3015CP | MAX Fiber Laser Cutting Machine w/ Enclosed Platform, SS3015CPR | Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Enclosed w/ Platform & Rotary Attachment.

You can request a quote and get the best deal from us once you decide. We offer you a variety of fiber laser machines to attend to different manufacturing needs. There is something for everyone on our website and great deals to watch out for. Pick the phone or write a query to our customer care service, and we will get back to you at the earliest to help you out. You are at the right place for ideal laser-cutting methods if you want to cut down the energy consumption and save money!

Get the Perfect Cut Every Time

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