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The Ultimate Guide to Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

fiber laser cutting machines

Businesses use advanced tools for efficient and precise cutting of different materials used in different industries. We bring to you features, advantages, uses and applications of the fiber laser cutting devices in our everyday life:

Basic Working of a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers use strong amplified light energy generated through a high-powered fiber laser source to shape and cut through different materials. The laser beam is pointed and directed through a series of minuscule mirrors and then sharply focused by a strong lens onto the material. The beam is moved precisely along a predetermined cutting path to melt or vaporize the material into the desired shape.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines:

1. The high precision Fiber lasers offer exceptional accuracy and precision. This, in turn, enables the worker to make complex and intricate cuts with tight tolerances on the material.
2. The super high cutting speeds help reduce production time with increased efficiency.
3. The versatile fiber laser cutting machines can slice smoothly through metals such as brass, steel, aluminium, and other materials such as wood, plastic, etc.
4. The beam shines on the material, and there is no physical contact. Thus, this factor prevents unnecessary damage or contamination of the product.
5. There is hardly any maintenance required in these laser cutting machines. Compared to other laser machines, using the fiber laser cutting technology for industrial activities is a great bet because of its super performance and long life span.
6. Traditionally, CO2 lasers were a hot favorite in the industry, but they cost much more than fiber laser cutting gadget. These energy-efficient machines are now more in demand because of their advanced technology and low operating costs.

Applications of the advanced Fiber Laser Cutting Machines:

Fiber laser cutting machines are used in plenty for different applications in various industries such as:

1. Fiber Laser cutting machine manufacturers are a necessity and use fiber laser rays for cutting and shaping metal tubes, sheet metal, and other materials and structural components needed for industrial purposes.
2. These machines are an integral part of the automotive industry and are used for accurately cutting and edging body panels, chassis, automotive parts, and exhaust systems.
3. The Aerospace industry needs fiber laser cutting machines for shaping engine parts, sheet metal, and aircraft components.
4. Electronics need precision cutting of PCs, electrical enclosures and circuit boards, and small miniature-sized components that cannot be shaped perfectly by random instruments.
5. The jewellery industry has also recognized the importance of fiber laser-cutting machines. The laser rays are used to cut and engrave complex designs on precious metals intricately.
6. It is also used extensively to manufacture medical devices, implants, medical equipment, and other surgical instruments.
7. The advertising agency uses displays, signage, and promotional products cut and etched by the Fiber cutting laser machines.

Fiber laser cutting machines are an “innovative and must-have device” for industrial factories. Within no time, you can get the desired shape and sizes of different materials and produce much more in less time and less money.

Get the Perfect Cut Every Time

Ready to start cutting with your own fiber laser machine? Request a quote for more information. 

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