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What Are The Uses Of Fiber Laser Marking Machines?

Fiber Laser Marking

Fiber laser marking gadgets are technologically advanced tools utilized for marking and engraving a variety of metals and materials. These machines use advanced fiber laser technology to create accurate and permanent markings on different surfaces, which include glass, metal, plastic, ceramics, and other materials.

Fiber laser marking machines uses software to control parameters such as:

  • laser speed
  • marking depth
  • scanning speed etc

Moreover, different marking techniques are used to make marks on the material, namely surface engraving, deep engraving, color changing, ablating, etc., thus encouraging versatility and customization during the marking process.

  1. Permanent marking: The key component of fiber laser marking machines is the fiber laser beam of light, which generates a high-intensity laser beam to leave a permanent impression or mark on the surface. The concentrated energy from the light is extracted and then used as a laser beam that is directed through mirrors and lenses to be focused onto the material’s surface.
  2. Metal marking: The focused laser beam interacts with the material, causing localized heating and vaporization, resulting in permanent markings. Fiber lasers are mainly used for marking metals such as steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. The high-contrast marks and permanent impressions on the metal surfaces make them ideal for the industrial world.
  3. Plastic Marking: Fiber laser marking machines are also used to create precise, clear markings on plastic materials, including PVC, ABS, polycarbonate, and acrylics, and are valuable for industries such as electronics, consumer goods, implants, surgical goods, and medical instruments, etc.
  4. Precise marking: Fiber lasers used in laser marking machines have very high beam quality because they operate in the infrared spectrum enabling delicate and precise markings. Fiber lasers have a long lifespan, are very efficient, and are ideal for industrial applications.
  5. Product identification: These fiber laser marking machines are used in aerospace, automotive, jewellery, electronics, medical devices, etc. They have applications in branding, product identification, Barcodes, serial numbering, QR coding, logos, and incorporating new information or designs into goods or parts. Fiber laser marking machines are used to mark different products with identification information and these identification marks help trace and track products throughout their lifecycle.
  6. Fiber laser marking machines are an efficient and reliable solution to etch permanent markings on different materials, labeling them as valuable instruments for various industrial and manufacturing processes. These machines are versatile tools used for engraving or marking materials using advanced laser technology. They are better than traditional marking methods because of their speed, durability, and high precision.
  7. Customization and personalization: Fiber laser marking machines offer personalization, customization, marking, and branding of high-value products. Fiber lasers can also mark text, graphics, logos, and even small promotional items like key chains, USB drives, pens, and awards, thus improving recognition and enhancing the value of these products.
  8. Packaging and Labelling: Fiber laser marking machines can mark packaging materials such as paper, cardboard, and foil. The markings mark expiration dates, creating labels, batch codes, and other important information on packaged goods.

Furthermore, the markings made by Fiber laser marking machines provide essential information for tracking, preventing counterfeiting, and quality assurance.

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