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What to consider before buying a fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Do you want to produce a hundred diamond-shaped metal pieces for your factory? You need a fiber laser machine! Industries often need machines to cut different materials and metals quickly and efficiently for their finished products. Technologically driven machines using a high-powered fiber laser controlled by computers are a great option for metal fabrications, automobiles, manufacturing processes, aerospace, automotive industries, etc.

Why choose a CNC fiber laser machine?

The ideal option for a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer who needs to replicate goods is to get the CNC fiber laser cutting machine by Stealth Machine Tools. This machine is operated with advanced computer technology and uses a high precision, efficient, and reliable concentrated beam of laser light according to pre-determined specifications, focussed through a small point in the lens onto the material, to cut it precisely.

Cutting Capability:

CNC fiber laser cutting machines can cut through different materials and metals of materials from thin to thick plates. They are suitable for cutting different thicknesses of stainless aluminium, steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, and other non-ferrous metals.

Precision and Speed:

Fiber laser beams are “unique” because of their fast speed and exceptional precise cuts. They are very accurate in cutting, enabling the designing of complex shapes and intricate designs. The high speed helps improve productivity to a great extent and reduces production time.

Why do manufacturers prefer a CNC machine?

The fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer prefers a CNC-controlled or Computer numerical control machine. With detailed instructions, this machine produces specific cutting shapes with high precision. Repetition and automation become easy in the accurate and consistent cut pieces.

Before choosing a fiber laser machine, what should we do?

  1. Machine specifications: Before choosing the machine, examine the technical specifications such as thickness capacity, power rating, cutting speed, and cutting area. These affect the machine’s performance and must be considered before choosing it. You should pick the machine that suits the materials and metals you intend to cut.
  2. Quality and power of laser source: Fiber optic cables are used in the laser cutting machine to emit and transfer laser light. The quality and power of the source emitting the laser beam affect the cutting process and precision. Low-power lasers are ideal for thinner materials, and high-powered ones work efficiently on thicker ones.
  3. Cutting quality of the laser: Before paying for the machine, manufacturers must review a sample cut and check the laser power. The documentation of the manufacturer’s expertise and cutting quality are a priority. Moreover, minimal heat-affected zones, smooth edges, intricate design, precision, accuracy, control system, and beam stability must be considered before procuring a fiber laser cutter.
  4. Reliability and maintenance: Equipment that requires a lot of maintenance is unreliable and can increase the associated costs. A reliable machine requiring less maintenance is durable, so getting a machine with sufficient technical support and plenty of spare parts from the supplier are important.

People always prefer a machine that has a long lifespan and does not need many replacements. Evaluate these factors before purchasing! Why not check out the innovative machines by Stealth Machine Tools?

Get the Perfect Cut Every Time

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