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What you need to know about laser tube cutting

tube laser cutting machine

Opt for laser tube cutting if you want to cut different types of pipes and tubes. In this, a high-powered beam of laser light is focused at a particular point to make accurate and precise cuts in different materials including metals and plastic. The laser beam efficiently cuts through cylindrical and tubular objects to cut them into a desired shape making this method an ideal option for industrial use.

Tube Laser cutting machines by Stealth Machine Tools are used to shape and design through tubes or cylinder-like objects and are very popular in manufacturing industries like aerospace, automotive, and construction. Let’s take an overview of the process:

Setting up the tube laser cutting machine: The tube-shaped material is loaded into the machine or laser cutter. The device has a laser source and focuses the beam through an optic cable with the help of a computer-controlled system. The desired cutting specifications of the dimensions, shape, and path are fed into the computer, and the machine is set up accordingly.

Laser beam from the laser source: The laser source emits the beam and directs it straight through the focusing optics helping the beam concentrate on a small spot. The high-intensity laser beam by the Stealth Machine Tools laser tube cutter is focused on the tube. The localized point the beam falls on heats and melts the material into the desired shape.

Removal of waste material:  The laser beam falls on the material and melts it. Nitrogen or oxygen is used as an assist gas to blow away and remove the molten material left over from the cutting zone. This process helps cut and separate the tubular object into two or more pieces.

Advantages of laser tube cutting include:

  1. Repeatability of the design or cut with exact precision
  2. Intricate cuts with accuracy
  3. The flexible laser cutters can work on different materials including metals, glass, plastics, and wood making the process lucrative and dependable.
  4. The process of laser cutting is efficient and enables high production. Optimum results and reducing material waste is easily achieved.
  5. Automation is the need of the hour and laser tube cutting can be integrated easily into automated production. The manufacturing process is streamlined properly through appropriate automation.
  6. Minimal processing is required after the laser cutting because the edges are burr-free clean, and there is no need of other finishing operations.

Precision and Control: Laser tube cutters are very accurate and precise. They can create intricate and minute designs beautifully and accurately. The whole process of cutting is controlled through computerized software. This is why it is possible to make intricate and complex designs, cutting patterns, holes, or bevels within no time. If you want to know more about this process or purchase a machine for your workshop you can contact us and get a machine that falls in with your desired specs.

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